4 mind Blasting Blogging Tips

Blogging is a kind of job which takes a lot out of you. If you dream about the big money you need to put in a big effort. Most successful blogger haves their own theory of getting visitors to their blog. You cannot post anything and wish that your blog will run like Leopard. You have to be innovative. You have to be artistic. You have to be Eunice. Now let’s learn how to make content uncommon and sharp, so it can go viral, and bring lots of money for you.


Remember that you have to write in such way that your visitor actually falls in love with your writing skills. If you write your posts like a dead duck, orthodox style your visitor will fly away to other batter blogs. If you want to avoid this kind of blog killing situation then you must learn some mind blasting writing techniques.

Old content is like old clothes. It has one expiry date. You can’t wear your old clothes after some time. Same way you can’t gain more traffic and revenue from old content. You have to re-polish it. Put some spice in it. Add some fresh leaf to it.

Apply this mind blasting Blogging rules and become  a successful blogger

1-Make a solid appealing Blog title 

The first impression is the last impression. And when it comes to blogging, Post title is the first impartation.

Don’t write post title which other blogger writing. Make your post title Eunice. Nobody goes to a theater for watching old movies. The Same rule applies here, no visitor want to west time on reading same stuff which they already read on the other blog.

2-decorate the head and feet of your blog post like a wedding bride

Your reader may come from a search engine, or from social media or form any other ways. If you want them to read your full post, you must write and decorate it.

Charming post always goes viral. First paragraph quality of your blog post decides where there your reader going to read the full post or not.

Mark my word, if you learn this trick, nobody can stop your success, write the whole post brief summary. Give a basic idea in the first paragraph of full post. Keep some mystery so user read the full post.

Explain climax point at the end or second last point. Keep remind your reader that show stopper point is coming up next. If you follow these tips in blogging, you will get a flood of visitors.  And your visitors won’t be bored ever from reading your blog.


3-Choose right Gadgets and software –

As we all know that reading content on desktop or laptop is best. But unfortunately, all visitors don’t have that facility. Ten out of eight readers use their smartphone for getting information. Therefore a blogger can’t avoid mobile visitors.

The ultimate point is, use a mobile friendly template for your blog. Make sure that your blog looks good on smartphone view. Make sure your web blog loads faster. Make sure your hosting is good quality.

 Make sure your web security is good. Make sure that you are using best blogging software like WordPress.

Make sure you taking a full back-up of your blog. Make sure you are using all those Plug-ins and software which can make your blogging easy and comfortable.

Don’t rely on one computer system; it’s always good to have some backup plan. Buy quality gadgets, if you want to expand your blogging work, you can’t go for cheap gadgets.

Invest some cash in a good computer system; buy external keyboard and mouse for having comfort in work. Always have a good speed internet connection.

Remember, blogging can give you what you deserve. But you have to invest something in blogging work.

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4-Bring some twist and turns in a post – and give some motivational examples 

People love to read about real life experiences. Write some good related example lines in your post. It will add charm to your post. Don’t write straight like a fix railway track. Bring some humor in your writing, bring some drama, and bring some call to action. This kind of tricks can make your popular blogger.

Remember you must have to identify your audience. You can’t write any random post and expect tons and tons of visitors.

For example– here I am writing on blogging, I can’t expect a carpenter, a health blogger, a shopkeeper or a car driver to be my regular blog reader.

My targeted audience will be new bloggers, and my other competitor blogger, or some blogging researcher. And luckily if I’ll be able to attract some other nonrelated audience, that would be my bonus reader audience.

The above point says, identify your audience. Make their blogging life easy. Write useful solutions for them. Communicate in the comments section with them. Put some comments in their blog. Expand your blogger circle. Write some guest post with credit note contract.

Make registrations to your blog related forums, participated in question and answers, solve other blogger’s query ask for help if you have some valid questions. Build your professional blogging relation.

This is how you can find loyal regular readers for your blog.



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