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Hello, Friends, Sometimes We try to open a particular Website Page with our web browser, but when we click on website address it shows “page not found” error or “404 page not found” error. This error indicates that the searched web page either removed or it has broken a link. This is a very small issue and it can be solved instantly. Here I am going to explain that how you can repair broken links and redirect it to your home page or another working page link.

Why do I need to solve 404 page not found error quickly?

If you are a professional blogger, and every visitor matters to you then you must get rid of this simple but critical error. Remember if you don’t repair this kind of error it will show “404 page not found” to your visitor. Your visitor will not open broken page link again, it will damage the reputation of your website blog. That is the main reason why you must repair the broken links of your website quick as possible.  “404 page not found”


What is the Process of Redirecting or Repairing 404 page not found errors

You can fix this simple error yourself. It doesn’t require any kind of special talent. If you have basic knowledge of operating WordPress admin area, then you can solve this issue in just no time. Here below I am going to explaining it step by step with some screen shots. Follow the process and see the result.   “404 page not found”

404 Page not found – Process – step by step  


First of all, you need to log-in to your WordPress Dashboard. Then after search plug-in. now just open the plug-in and look for “Add Plug-in”. You can find add The Plug-in tab at the upper area of your WP screen. Open that Tab and search a plug-in called “redirection” this is the most famous plug-in used by more than 50K WP users. Now install and active that plug-in to your site.


When you successfully install “redirection” plug-in, and then just go to Tools. You can find tools tab in your dashboard; it is visible below users and above settings. Now you need to click on Tools, you will see that “redirection” menu appeared on the list. Just make a click on “redirection” and open it.



Your screen will display some menus like… redirections, Groups, Modules, Log, 404s, options, support etc. now you need to open “404s” tab. as soon as you make a click on it, it will display a list of broken link pages list of your website. Now you have to repair all of those “404 page not found links”. Your screen will show something like below image.



Now you identified the problems, you need to start solving it, so now click on the date of broken link, you can see the date opposite every broken link, just click on that date & add a redirect. As soon as you click on it, you will be sent to next screen something like below displayed screen.


Now in this screen you will find 2 options, first is old URL which is currently alive as a 404 page not found broken link. And second is Target URL. Now we need to set Target URL. Now you can paste your new working page link to this Target URL box.    (Note- you can copy your post URL from “posts->View->URL.).  Paste that new URL to Target URL box. One by one you should redirect all broken links to working Targeted link addresses. Every time add Target URL and press “Add redirection” Tab, That’s it.


Important Note-

When you paste New URL do not paste it with your Blog name, it means if you paste abc.com/how-to-remove-404-page-not-found-error (Wrong Way) your link won’t work. You must paste only post link address like… /how-to-remove-404-page-not-found-error (Right Way).


After redirecting all 404 page not found broken links, you can test all of those redirected links. You will see the magic. All broken links were redirected to your new redirected links. That is all friends. This is how you can repair 404 page not found Error and make your blog error free clean and attractive.

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