7 Amazing Easy Ways of Earning $100 per Day

We all knows that Earning good money is not an easy job, when there is tough competition in every field, people works day and nights to fulfill basic requirements of their family. Well, that is the reality of our world. The situation is tough, resources are less, chances are narrow but still, if anyone willing to work hard with great patience, there are enough chances of being successful in any field. Here in this small post, you will find some interesting ideas of making an online income, with the help of some basic internet knowledge.

Make Money by doing some simple online jobs


1-Become an online service provider

There are countless people who are constantly looking for a solution on the internet. Unfortunately, many of them even don’t know how to find a proper solution. You can offer solution and charge money to them. This is a great way of earning.

For example,

Suppose that, someone wants to set up his website on the internet, but that person doesn’t have any clue about buying a domain, hosting, theme or other blogging related stuff.

Now you can enter the picture and offer your service to this kind of person if you have good knowledge of blogging stuff. Same theory goes for other things, like logo design, content writing, account maintaining, review writing, video editing, and Transcription work, online counseling work, guiding and teaching

Always giveaway some free advice and services to your clients, people love free stuff, if you give away free things you can sell lot more paid services and things with it.

Do not include the whole bunch of products and services, means if you are a blogger then just offer blogging guidance and blog setup services. Don’t go for theme creating, content writing, logo designing, and other works. Become a master of one field and just work on it. you will find good client base if you follow this important strategy.

2-Micro Jobs website can be a great source of making money

If anyone wants to make some easy money, then the fiverr website is a great option. Many regular Fiverr users earn more than $100 per day. Simply you just have to register a user account with fiverr web and post a job if you wish to hire someone, and if you are looking to earn some cash, then offer your services, means just post your Gig video.

There are countless opportunities for serious workers, proofreading, logo designing, article writing, software writing, transcription work, bug finding, and many more jobs. Just choose your niche subject and start working,

Fiverr website keeps 20% = $1 and you earn $4 out of $5. You don’t need any qualification or degree to join Fiverr. Just post Gigs and wait to be contacted by clients.

Suppose if you are good at your job, then you can also get additional work from your clients, for example- if you complete a $5 job and your client wants you to deliver more work then you can bargain your service fees according to project size. For this matter, you should read the privacy policy of Fiverr website.

Suppose if you make some creative video and promote any company’s message within that video, and if that company likes your stuff, they will pay you $5 and buy that creative Gig from you.

Remember that every business and job takes some time to give return, so if you thinking of joining Fiverr, make an account, post Gigs and wait for work, you may find less work in starting , but when you get popular on Fiverr,,, day by day your work and earning will get increase.


3 – Sponsor twitter account and facebook fan pages

Suppose if you are good at social networking and you have 10000 followers, or you have a facebook fan page with 25K or higher page likes, than you can post also convert your connections in $$$.

Remember that companies and big business always want to promote their products and business, so they can get more sales. You can post and promote their message to your followers and page fans. This is just like television advertising. The more you have crowd more you earn revenue.

Simply you just need to go to sponsored tweets account website and link your own twitter account to it. All another guideline will be provided by that website. You won’t believe many Hollywood celebs earn thousands and millions by sponsored tweet work. This job is worthy to only for those who has thousands of followers on twitter and who love to spend hours on twitter,,,

Same thing goes with facebook fan page,,, promote any company’s product or brand on the fan page and put a price on it, if you have good fan base then surely many companies will take interest in your social network.


4-Make I-phone or android apps and earn money   

If you are good at coding, and designing I-phone or android applications, you can make some serious amount of money by doing that cool job. Before starting this work, you just need to study app market, search for most downloaded apps, research on most demanded apps find bugs and errors on other app developers applications.

Give your honest reviews on available applications on play stores, try to develop a professional relationship with other app developers, join groups and forums of skilled app developers. Share your knowledge and views, ask some questions if you have any quires. if you do this, you will start finding a way of making money by doing app developing work.

And remember,,, you may not earn good cash or any cash in the first year, you may find difficulty to understand the subject, but if you hold the subject and keep learning it, you will be experienced and successful in the subject and sooner or later you will start earning good amount of money. Your work experience will become the magic key to earning.

Suppose if you don’t know app developing or app coding, still, you can make some good cash by performing app reviews. There are many developers who want some good app reviews. Some of them ask to find errors and bug on it, so they can make their product perfect.

This is how you can make cash by giving app review. You can make app review at play store where application file is located, or you can do it on your YouTube channel or at your blog website. This matter is subject according to your client requirement.


5-Start Blogging and make some good Earning

If I tell you honestly, this is not a burger eating a job. It takes time and hard effort. Every day thousands of new bloggers read blogging success stories and starts blogging, and every day thousands of bloggers live blogging with disappointment.

Join this field if you are in love with words. Join blogging field if you have the desire to share some useful content to the world. Join writing work if you can wait until your words get famous. Join blogging work if you can digest short term failures. Join this field if you dare to be a pupil for a life long time.

Come to this field if you never run out of words. Take this field as career option only if you can produce original content.

Blogging is kind of job that can be done at the comfort of your home, you just need good speed normal internet connection, a computer or a laptop and some basic internet surfing skills for gathering information and thoughts about blog posts.

As a start-up blogger, anyone can make a free blog with blogger website. And when blogger feels confident and start receiving 1000 to 2000 visitors per day, then blogger can move on privet hosting (paid to host).

Once a blogger publishes 30 to 50 quality posts (articles) he/she can apply for Google Adsense account. As we all know google Adsense is the biggest advertising brand on the internet, and it is the earning lifeline of internet bloggers.

Google Adsense will approve the application if the blog has valuable content on it. After a couple of examination, they will start showing live Google ads on blogger’s site. And whenever a visitor makes a click on Google ads, blogger earns revenue according to current CPC.

Some internet bloggers show their earning report on their website blog, and let me tell you honestly, the reports show thousands of $$$ earnings, And some of those successful bloggers have posted their struggle and success stories on their blog. If you can give 1 year to your blog, your blog defiantly starts paying a good amount of money back to you as earning.

Earning Money online

6-Resell Items on Ebay or OLX website and start earning

This is the easiest and productive way of making money. If you have good deep understanding and knowledge of identifying goods value, then you can jump in this business. Remember that each thing has own market value, from $0 to thousands or millions.

Your job is to buy in less and sold at higher price. It’s simple as that. You may need some advance cash to buy goods, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t have money. You also can find buyers for the people who willing to sold their goods on the internet.

You can directly say (convince) the seller that, I will find a client for your goods if you pay me 1% or up to 5% commission on the deal price. This is how you can make some good hard cash by doing simple buy and sell work. This is just a game of good speech & convincing telnet, talk well, understand the requirement of buyer and seller both the parties and win the great commission.

Some people will say that there are online buy and sell web systems, lots of websites offer free service, how can we make any money if clients can directly connect to each other online. The simple answer to this question is that where there is a will there is a way.

Showing products and putting price is one thing, convincing client is another thing, when a client search for product, they can’t evaluate actual value of that product, they can’t identify loophole, and damages of that product, but a broker, a middleman, a dealer can provide all that useful and important information to client.

So in-short making a deal with the help of commission agent is a bit expensive but worthy. Same theory goes with seller, if you want to sell something, you can sell it your own, by using Ebay and other webs, but if you willing to have good price of your goods, you must take services of professional buy and sell dealer, in order to get best possible price of your goods.

7-Become online tutor and Start Earning

If you are good at Global language English, or at Math or at any other demanding subject, then you can make money by teaching it online. Modern students want their entire word inside their smartphones or laptops. So this is the best online work that has great future. You can find your possible students from Social network sites, Tutor job sites or at schools, colleges, nearby your residence or from anywhere around the world.

You just need to have good speed internet connection, a PayPal account, a bank account for receiving your work payment, and your teaching skills, that’s all.

Some tips for online tutors, research the subject well, take your fees in advance, keep the same fees for every pupil (in same standard), help students like an instructor, not a master. Ask students for referral students, this is how you can get more students. Remember becoming a friend of your students can give you lots more online students and more students means more money.


Earning from the internet is not a very easy job, but still, there are enough examples of successful hard work internet earners. There is no short cut or magic trick for becoming an overnight millionaire by doing the internet work. it is similar to any other regular work or job, the great thing about this internet work is that you can perform it from the comfort of your own home, without any bossy pressure. You also can manage your work time schedule. If anyone interested in online business or job, they should start it as a part time work, and when they feel or start earn good money from it regularly, only then they should go for full-time internet work. still, it is highly advice to keep option B ready because you can’t trust blindly on Internet field work. – Best Luck.

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