Hello dear readers my name is paresh barai and i am from Porbandar city of Gujarat state country India, i started this blog because i believe that when you share something to others your own knowledge grows, more faster and batter, if i tell you about my school days, 

i was not extra bright student, but still i was good enough to clear my exams, i completed my graduation from K H M arts and commerce collage of Porbandar city, then after i spent some time in Hyderabad city, at Hyderabad i learnt basic networking and web designing course, and basic diploma electronic crash course in pvt institution, 

my first choice for career was sports but some how i could not make my career in sport, to be honest it was headache task to define that what other thing i like to do in life, but as time goes i knew that i like sharing what i learnt and also i felt that i am very much interested in learning new new things,   

i never was 9 to 5 job guy i always think business, so then after decided to make carrier in building a successful website, i decided to cover some most wanted topic like make-money, technology, blogging+ seo , web designing, health, stories, etc.., 

life can take any turn any time so i never know what future will be of this web site, but i am doing this venture because i am loving it and enjoying it,    one thing is fact that there is no life without money, so i will not hide that motive here also, with helping others by sharing i also aim to earn good amount of advertising revenue and paid services revenue, my home language is Gujarati and national language is Hindi and obviously world speaks English, 

so i decided to wright this website in Hindi and English so i can reach the English knowing and not English knowing audience both,  so let’s hope for the best, and see you all regularly here at www.pmbfox.com

stay connected friends