AdSense Custom Channel and URL Channels settings

Let’s get started with Google AdSense Custom Channel and URL Channels with easy understanding. As a publisher you must know about creating custom channels and URL channels because it gives you clear idea about your Google ads performance. You can exercise that valuable performance data and make important changes in those ads.


Let’s know what is AdSense custom channels?


  • It helps for analyze ad unit performance
  • Filtering ad unit reports
  • Specific group ad unit performance tracking

Remember that when you use 3 picture ads and 3 link ads on your web page, you need to know which ad unit performing and which ad unit is not doing well. If you want to know the performance of your specific ad unit, then you must have to create custom ad unit channel so you can get performance data of your every ad unit. Google AdSene allow user to create max 500 Custom Channels.


How to create a custom channels on Google AdSense?

There are two easy ways of creating custom channels.

  • You can create it while creating new ad-unit
  • You can create it while editing exist ad-unit.


  • First of all go to Google AdSense account and open your dashboard.
  • Click on My Ads tab which is situated at left of your dashboard screen.
  • Now make a click on + New Ad Unit
  • Just scroll down to custom channels
  • Then click on create new custom channels
  • Now give a suitable name to that custom ad channel so you can identify it easily, which kind of ads you have put in it.
  • Then press save add unit.

Add custom channel ads-

  • Go to your AdSense account
  • Now click on My Ads which is situated on left side of your dashboard.
  • Open custom channels tab
  • Click on create new custom channels.
  • Now press Add tab which is situated opposite advertise unit.
  • Now check the tick mark before “Targeting” targetable ad placement.
  • Finally save

How to see custom channels performance report

  • Sign in to your Adsense account
  • Now find Performance reports in the left navigation bar.
  • Make a click on Advance reports and then open Custom channels
  • Now open Custom channels to view details of it.
  • You can see the performance of all custom channels here.
  • That’s all.


Let’s know what is AdSense URL channels?

The process is almost same as Custom channels. You can see the reports of specific domain’s ad earning reports. It gives facility of viewing of different web earning reports.


Process of creating and managing URL channels is almost same as creating a custom channel. Which explained above, just you need to replace URL channels instead of Custom channels.


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