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advertising networks“Advertising Networks”


This is a very important article for those readers who actually want to make a serious career in blogging field. When a blogger starts his own website on the internet, it costs many expenses to him. Hosting, Domain Purchase, Theme, Technical support, Website Promoters, Website Built, Content writers, website marketing expenses, internet bills, electricity bills, investment interest and many more other expenses according to size and quality of website blog.

There are many earning sources available on the internet for bloggers. Advertising, affiliate marketing; direct own product sale, EBooks selling, online paid services and much more other ways of earning revenue.


List of top Advertising Networks

Google AdSense

When we are talking about Advertising networks then we can’t ignore largest advertising network on this planet called “Google AdSense”. This is the first choice of bloggers, and webmasters. It supports PPC and CPC model. They provide very easy to understand graph for calculating earnings.

You can apply for Google adSense if you have more than 30 good quality post published on your blog. Make sure that your every article is written with 600 plus words. And you must set contact, privacy policy, about, and sitemap pages. Clear design, original content, and you all set.       “Advertising Networks”


This is widely used advertising network around the world bloggers. They supports only CPC model. You don’t need any minimum traffic to get Chitika advertise for your blog. They offer Easy to apply, easy to setup ads, and easy to make money model. There are more than 300000 website blog publishers uses Chitika advertise network for their blog.               “Advertising Networks”


HaxHax provides rich media, videos, traditional display ads and mobile ads. It is a top quality advertising network. Multi-screen advertise serving and comprehensive instant reporting makes this advertising network a special one. They have an auto invoicing system for making sure that publishers get their earnings always on time. “Advertising Networks”

Adsterra Network

This is one of the fastest growing advertising networks; it has vast verity of attractive and effective ad formats. They offers all sizes of advertise unit for their clients. Adsterra advertising Network supports web advertising as well as Mobile advertising. Publishers can use their desired (preferred) style of ad units like… banners, sliders, text links, pushup, pop-up ads, etc. they are using automated software powered by GeoEdge.    “Advertising Networks”

Adsterra advertising Network offers a weekly payout of earnings and real-time stats of your earning. Adsterra advertising Network supports CPA, CPC and CPM advertising. If any blogger wants to join Adsterra network then they must qualify minimum page views requirements of Adsterra advertising Network. And they demand minimum 3, 00,000 page views.                     “Advertising Networks”



This advertising network is product of yahoo and Bing search engine. All you need is good quality content and decent page views. Competitively pay more than Google AdSense. Another big factor is traffic zone. If you have more traffic on your website from Canada and UAS, then you get more earning on impression. It supports PayPal for payment withdrew. You also can customize ad units; you will never get banned like Google AdSanse. provides CPA, CPM, CPC model. You don’t need any minimum traffic to get approval from


This is one another cool advertising network that provides earning opportunity. Infolinks currently supports only two languages, one is English and second Spanish. They don’t have any minimum page views policy.

If you have clear looking website blog with basic pages setup like… contact us, about us, privacy policy, and sitemap and minimum twenty to thirty quality posts with decent length on your blog, then That is all you need to get approval from Infolinks advertising networks. Infolinks supports CPV, CPI, CPM, CPC, CPA and Auctions.

WWW promoters  

The main attraction of this advertising company is comprehensive CPMs, high fill rates. They believe in building high quality trusted brands. They don’t throw low quality advertise ever. They offer advertising models like CPM, CPV, CPA, and CPC for their publishers. WWW Promoters demands a minimum of 1000000 of page views for publisher account approval.            “Advertising Networks”


This is very interesting advertising model of advertising network. They pay for each clicked advertise, as well as they also pays for a concluded conversion. Means if any client makes purchase from your displayed ads then you also makes money from that sale. Bidvertiser supports CPC and CPM style model. And they don’t demand any minimum traffic limit for publisher account approval.               “Advertising Networks”

Media Nexus     

This is a top class advertising network. They have very strict rules for publishers. You need a minimum of 5000000 page views to get approval from Media Nexus. They support CPV, CPC, and CPM advertising models. Media Nexus has high-quality advertisers clients like Global brands and fortune five hundred. Publishers can get their revenue earnings, monthly from Media Nexus.                    “Advertising Networks”


If you want to display High quality advertises brands on your blog then, this is the perfect ad network. They have solid pricing model designed. AdCash aims to monetize their online content materials, for generate more revenue effectively. They support CPA, CPC, and CPM model for publishers. They don’t demand any minimum traffic to apply for a publisher account.            “Advertising Networks”

Tribal Fusion

This is one more interesting advertising network. You can control content of advertisers if you don’t wish to display categories like… alcohol, religious, warning, fishing, hacking, cracking, gambling etc… this is one of the highest CPM rate provider advertising company among all. Tribal Fusion supports CPA, CPC, CPV and CPM model. You need to have minimum 500000 visitor traffic on your blog, if you want to get a publisher account in Tribal Fusion.


You don’t need any minimum page views on your blog, in order to get approval of Clicksor publisher ad account. Clicksor tracks the texts on your website and serves ads using latest contextual technology that is the main reason why they gives high click through rate. Clicksor offers CPI, CPC, CPM, and CPV model advertise to their publishers.


This is a top level brand advertising network. They prefer good quality content, quantity doesn’t matter for them. You need minimum traffic of 500000 page views, in order to get publisher account approval from AdBlade. They support standard IAB ad units. And they also deliver proprietary News bullets “R” units. This kind of model delivers far better performance. AdBlade has CPC and CPM model for their publisher clients.     “Advertising Networks”



The online advertising network is the fastest growing industry. Here we can’t explain about all of them, but we try to bring out some of best ad networks among all. There are some more cool advertising networks like…    PulsePoint, advertising .com, PropellerAds, BlogAds, Conversant, Epom Market, undertone, Creafi online media, vibrant media, revenue hits, revcontent.                 “Advertising Networks”

Remember that if you are a good content writer then sooner or later you can get any advertising network approval, but if you do not focus your content quality first, then it doesn’t make any difference that what kind of ad network you are using. So always try to improve the quality of your words. Google Luck.

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