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affiliate-marketing1“affiliate Marketing”

Affiliate marketing is equally important like advertising. Any Commercial blog needs this two earning sources to fulfill their earning dreams. As we all know that, in the advertising field, we have Google Adsense, Infolinks, Bidwitiser, and etc… ad networks. These advertising networks provide opportunities to earn. You can also make a good amount of money by selling affiliate products on the blog. Here in this article, we will cover all the important points of affiliate marketing. So let’s start…

What is the meaning of Affiliate marketing? And how it works?

Affiliate marketing is one of the greatest and oldest online earning business models on the internet. Blogger makes registration on Affiliate Company’s website. After completing the registration process, the company provides affiliate link and their product links to affiliate worker (blogger).

Blogger inserts that codes inside their own blog and displays banners and text advertise. It is a kind of digital shop where a blogger becomes commission agent for affiliate work provider companies.

If any visitor purchase product through displayed link of that blog, the blogger earns commission on that sale. This is called Affiliate marketing.

How to apply for an Affiliate account?

Before applying for an affiliate account, you should prepare an Email ID, one working phone number, bank account details (with online money transfer facility), and working blog website. After preparing all that basic stuff, you can search for an affiliate work provider website. Remember, there are countless companies available on the internet, which provides affiliate work. But it is extremely important to select right affiliate products to promote on your blog.

How to boost up earnings of affiliate products?

If you want to make some good amount of money from affiliate marketing then you have to create a quality blog website, and you should try to promote your blog website as much as you can. Remember that you can make earnings only if the visitor makes a purchase through your affiliate link. So it is extremely important to have a big number of audiences at your blog website.

How to choose a right product for affiliate marketing

This is the top most important question, you need to understand that you can’t earn good amount of money, without choosing right affiliate products. Suppose if you are running a blogging, earn money, website guidance, theme and template details related website and you selling comic books, and clothes on your website via affiliate marketing.

Now your consumer is surfing your blog website because he is looking for blogging and template details so he can purchase quality hosting and domain or a good looking theme. Now why should he make a click on your comic books affiliate ad, and fashion cloth banner links?

Therefore, you must choose related product very smartly. If you are a fashion blogger then go for clothing and fashion accessory affiliate products, if you are a story taller than you can choose comic books, eBooks, and another kind of books affiliate products, if you are writing about blogging, hosting, domain etc… then you should display hosting plan, and domain seller’s affiliate ads.

There is no rule that you can’t display off bit product ads to your blog but if you promote and sell related product on your blog website, your sales increase 10 times batter, and this is my own tested experience.

List of high paying top affiliate companies,,,,,, etc… there are thousands of companies on the internet who pays good commission for their affiliate workers. You can choose any of them after reading reviews of their current satisfied clients.

How to choose correct item among all products? 

Now we learned above that we should choose related products affiliate work, so we can get more earnings from affiliate marketing. Now remember that a company sells thousands of products, you can get confused about selecting a popular product. You can find the best product by visiting your affiliate work provider company’s website.

Suppose if you want to display deodorant spray advertise to your blog. You can search with deodorant spray keyword at that website, and when you see the result of your search. You will find different bands deodorant spray list on your screen. Over there you can read product buyers review about the product, and also some company shows their sales details of the products. You can choose best selling product for promoting. And keep in mind that big companies spend lots of money on market research and trend details.

Web sites promote and display the best selling products on their first pages. You can find and select easily that which products has more reviews, and which brand product is displayed on top of the page. Select that popular product for affiliate marketing, and you will defiantly earn more money.


What are the Types of affiliate work?

You can earn affiliate commission by selling products digitally. These days almost every big Goods selling companies provide affiliate programs to bloggers. Just show product banners and text links to goods on your website, and when any visitor make a purchase anything through your link, then you earn affiliate commission from that product sale.

Drive traffic and earn affiliate commission. Find people who can make a registration to your affiliate work provider website. There are many other types of affiliate work but above types of affiliate work are the most popular way of making good affiliate commission.

Can I start affiliate marketing without having my own blog website?

Sure why not? You don’t need any blog or a website to start affiliate marketing. These days we have many popular social service network websites on the internet. Like… facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, etc. you can promote your affiliate product to that website. And earn money if anyone makes a purchase through your link.

I don’t know about all companies but most of the companies allow affiliate work at the social website and product promotion at Email marketing. You can read terms and conditions before applying.



Keep in mind that your website content is the key to getting success. You can add a bulk of affiliate advertisers on a low-quality content website and make almost no money. And also you can add two to three affiliate advertising link on your quality blog and get good earning from those advertise links. In short, don’t display too many links and banners; it may annoy your visitors. Keep your focus on creating quality content. Good luck with affiliate marketing.

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