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Google Adsense Advertising Network is the Largest advertise provider on the internet. Every blogger wishes to use advertising services from Google Adsense. But Google Adsense approval process is not an easy task to perform if you are new to blogging or website thing. There are very strict guidelines about content quality, quantity, the appearance of a website, and advertise fair clicking rules. So let’s learn how to get Google Adsence Account approval quickly. And how to maintain Google Adsense account after getting fully approved account,

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is the largest advertising network on the internet. They empower lots of professional blogs and websites. They have countless satisfied customers who makes / earns living with the help of their advertising network.


What are the most common reasons for rejection of Adsense application?  

  • If you apply for Google AdSense and you don’t have enough content on your website then Google will not accept your request of applying for their advertise network services.
  • Before applying you must read terms & conditions, and privacy policy of Google Adsense website. There is clearly mentioned the list of niche (subjects) which they allow for Google Ads. We know it’s very annoying task but if you are serious about Google Adsense and earning revenue from it, then you have to read and understand guideline of Adsense website.
  • Quality comes first then quantity, if you have poorly written content on your website, with lots and lots of grammatical mistakes then Google won’t approve your account.
  • Honesty is the key to getting approval of Google Adsense Account. if you think that you can just copy and past others published hard work content on your website blog and, bluff Google Adsense for approval, and then it’s your biggest mistake. They know business batter then you.
  • Quality content is extremely important but at the same time it is more important to display it perfectly, here I want to say that your website blog’s appearance should be simple sober, and attractive, with the clear sitemap, so readers can search and find desired content easily. If you don’t complete this simple task before applying Google Adsense, then it can be a big reason for  Disapproval of you application.
  • When you apply for Google Adsense you must set some basic pages on your website blog, like Contact, About Us, Privacy Policy, Site Map, Disclaimer etc… if you ignore this important step, then Google Will ignore your Application for sure.
  • Poorly coded design, meaningless content, duplicate content, inorganic traffic, faulty site map navigation, Google Adsense Policy unfriendly subject content, and paid traffic. All these errors and mistakes can destroy your dream of getting approval from Google Adsense. If you don’t read their policy you will not get a proper idea of getting speedy approval.

What Things to do before applying for Google adsense?

  • You must write high-quality content, point to point, with clear understandable language, and your content should be free from grammatical mistakes. Content should be Eunice and useful.
  • You must have to write content with small paragraphs, and use heading and subheadings as per requirement. When you mention any list, you can add numbering and bullet points. This is the basic steps of creating eye-catching content.
  • Prepare your contact-us page, and put your name and mail address in it, Google Adsense can verify that you are the same person who is applying.
  • Set your website disclaimer page, if you sales any product or provides any service then you have to set this page and must have to disclaim you product and service details & rules.
  • Privacy policy page is also important page if you don’t have any idea about setting up this page; you can do Google Like this… “Privacy policy provider or sample of privacy policy” you will find ready-made policy pages, just copy and past that to your privacy policy page, and edit details of your website name, and mail address. Plus you have to make some changes, I mean… if you have some different clauses in your mind then, you can add that details on privacy policy page.
  • Sitemap page is very easy to setup. You can add XML sitemap page to your website. If you are a WordPress user, then go to plugging, and search for site map plug-in. just active that and setup your sitemap page just in no time.
  • You must have to submit your site map in Google webmaster website. If you do that, your site pages and menus link will be available in Google search very quickly).
  • There is no fixed limit of post count, but still we suggest from our experience that, you must publish 20 to 25 articles before you go for Google Adsense account process. ( 400 to 700 words post, with quality and meaningful content in it, with clear navigation,
  • Deep and clear navigation is good, but over explanation is annoying. So remove extra widgets from your front page, before applying to Adsense. Because your website will get slow to load, when it has a big amount of useless widgets.
  • Google Adsense won’t allow Minors to associate with them. So you have to be extremely careful when you submit your age details on the application form. And make sure that you are 18+ ages while you, apply for Google Adssense.
  • Use responsive and search engine friendly theme, so you can receive max traffic and your website page load quickly. Nobody like slow loading websites, if you don’t correct this issue, you can’t make your website popular. So choose template design very smartly. Now days many websites provide free themes and paid themes. If you free theme then they ask to allow credit link in theme footer area. And if you buy paid theme then you can remove credit links and words from footer area of the theme. (visit – My Theme Shop website for Free themes).
  • Google Adsense Doesn’t allow  Pirated Content, Adult content, hacking tutorial, creaking, illegal drug related content, and any kind of illegal activity related content. to get up to date details of allowed subjects, you have to visit Terms & condition page and Privacy policy page of google adsense website.
  • Google Adsense Network Supported languages list…. Arabic, Bulgarian, Chains, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian, polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.
  • If you are Using Free Hosting of Blogspot, then you must buy your own domain name. Domain name is the identity of your business. You have to choose it wisely. And keep it same. When you use own domain name it makes a professional impression on Google Adsense and to your Website Blog visitors.
  • You can still get approval if you don’t have privet hosting plan, but if you go for privet hosting plan then, your Google Adsense application approval chances go higher.
  • Whenever you apply for Adsense, remove your other current displayed ads from your blog, because Google Adsense prefer Nit Clean blogs, here I am not saying that it’s not allowed to use another ad network while applying for Adsese, but if you do this step then your application approval chances goes higher.
  • Make sure that source of your website traffic is genuine and organic, Google Adsene Gives approval to only those website who has original traffic source.

What to Do If Google Adsense Reject My Application?  

You can repair and correct your mistakes, whenever Adsense rejects any application; they also mention the reason for rejection. You can update and repair the mentioned queries and re-submit the application. But do not delete that e-mail because you will not gonna get re-submit link from any other ways. You have to re-submit your ad sense application through that e-mail link.

When google Adsense Bans user Account?

Google allows one account per one parson. If you try to apply or maintain two accounts then Google will Ban your both the accounts. Never use paid traffic source, this is the main reason for the shutdown of an account. Don’t try to make money by fake clicks on advertise, Google will identify it and Ban your account instantly.

You can’t publish articles about mentioning to click on Google Advertise. Maintain clean look, good content, use keywords, use an attractive and responsive template, set basic pages, and promote your website ethically, you will experience the joy of professional Blogging and wealth from Google Adsense advertising Network.

What Are the Alternative advertising Options if Google Adsense Won’t Work

If you don’t get approval from Google Adsense then you can try for some other advertising networks, Google Advertising website is not the end of the world, there are many other ways of earning money from blogging.

You can use advertising network of Infolink, Medianet, Bidwitiser, etc… websites. Many people earn revenue from that ad networks also. Plus you can earn from affiliate marketing, eBooks sealing and online service providing, if you have some deep knowledge on any particular subject. Also, you can write content for other website and earn money. Many websites pays for guest posts.



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