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Blogging profession is all about attracting website visitors. Visitor loves informative content. Preparing good content is just a half job done. Promoting your content / product is a very important task. In the modern days, there are countless ways available for blog promoting. Like social network sites, paid advertising, banner, merchandise, cable advertise, warble advertising, etc. in the blogging business you make good revenue, only when your website get (receive) big sizable organic visitor traffic on your website, and backlinks can do this job for you. So let’s see how it works.

Here in this short article, we are going to tell about an extremely important and useful website traffic generating (getting) tool called “Backlinks”. Let’s learn how to gain organic traffic by setting up a genuine quality back links.


What is meaning of Back Links

When you visit some other website or forums, you can leave a comment below article post, and before putting a comment that website or forum will ask your full name, mail address, website name details. When you fill and submit all that necessary details and comment, then your comment will go into moderation. When the website owner finds your comment valuable and useful for their blog, then they “approve” your written comment.

After that, your written comment will display on that particular blog or forum. Now that comment will work like a back link, with that comment your full name and your website link will start activating.

Whenever anyone read that comment, and if they find it attractive or useful, then they will defiantly make a click on your “Name” (your stetted backlink ) and visit your Blog – website. This process is called setting up backlinks.


How to get approval instantly for back links

If you want your comment back link to get approve easily, then you must write a comment smartly. You can praise their website, you can add a leaf to that published blog, you can ask for related quarry solution. Or you can just answer other commenter’s question. These are the ways of getting instant approval for back links. Blogger loves these kinds of comments and they will approve your comment / back links.


What is quality backlinks

Before setting up back links you must understand that where to set it up. you can’t sell mirrors to blind, you can’t sell sands in the desert. You can’t get visitors by setting up backlinks at low traffic blog or at off color niche blog.

Remember that you should target same niche blogs and high traffic blogs. If you want to receive good quality traffic you must choose great websites and forums. These kinds of quality blogs and forums will not approve your comment / back links if it is not useful or knowledgeable. So make comments with a sensible query or useful solution and do not send spam comment again and again. Try to set Eunice backlinks on different blogs and forums. Always look for high traffic blog.


What are worthless backlinks & harmful backlinks  

There are many professional firms on the internet who offers paid back links. Do not buy backlinks. Don’t set back links on porn sites or low traffic blogs. Never promote your blog  someone others comment area. Ten out of nine blogs or forum will instantly reject your comment and you will never be succeeding in setting up quality backlinks. Do not set back links on a drug, porn, hate speech websites or banned websites by Google. Do not set many backlinks on the same day, Google doesn’t like that. Try to set 5 to 10 backlinks a day.

What is orphan pages backlinks

Most people ran to websites and put comments / backlinks and move away to another site. These kinds of pages have no higher value. Mostly these pages don’t have many other connected pages and links. This kind of pages is in the middle of the nowhere. These kinds of pages stay on their own. And even Google also finds hard to find this kind of alone orphan pages.

And if Google finds those pages, it may not give importance to them; Because Google will think that if your page is not connected with other useful pages then your page may not be that useful or good quality. So in short basically this kind of links is very weak links.

How to set Top quality Backlinks

If you want to set much more valuable back links, then you must set it on the page which has more pages connected. This technique will give you big ground to play with. When you are part of the large group you can interact with lots more members. These kinds of valuable back links can send more traffic to your blog. In short big website or forum can help your newly blog effectively. You can get the advantage of their traffic if you manage to set up quality backlinks on those high traffic valuable websites.

Just go to your relevant forum and start interacting with other members. Participate in running subject, ask sensible questions, share your knowledge and make your place. Within a week people will start following your back links and you will get the benefit of huge traffic to your blog website.

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