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Hello, friends, you can speed up your mobile internet, if you follow some real simple tricks. And if you are buying a new phone then you must read the feathers detail of that particular product. Whenever you buy a new phone you should check the internal memory of the phone. If that phone doesn’t have sufficient internal memory, then it can be a reason for slow internet. You also should check the processor details and RAM size of the phone. These are the most important thinks to keep in mind when you buy a new phone. Now let’s come to the main point, slow running internet problem…

Helpful Tips for Increase Your Mobile Internet Speed

Let’s assume that you did all things right like you bought a good quality phone with great internal memory, fast & cool running processor, also you have good speed ram inside your phone, but still somehow your phone not producing good internet speed. Now, what can be the problem? Why your phone not delivering good internet speed. Here below I am giving you some basic tips and tricks for increasing internet speed, follow these tricks and see the result.                 (“Internet Speed”)

Update your internet browser –

This is the most important and basic trick to increase your internet surfing and data downloading speed. Make sure you are running the current version of the browsing software. Sometimes old and un-updated browser costs annoying slow surfing speed. Do not use multiple browsers on your mobile phone. If you install more browsers then it takes more RAM space, and when more RAM space engages, your device runs slow and also it decreases your internet surfing speed.

Update app store application- just like internet browsers, application store apps also requires updating regularly. It takes bit internet data to update but remember that application provider updates their product regularly just for your batter user experiences.              (“Internet Speed”)

Use cookie cleaning software application-

When you perform a search on your browser, it saves catch memory and occupies unwanted space in your phone memory, and therefore you must have to clean that garbage regularly. It can improve your internet speed instantly.

If you ask for catch memory cleaning software suggestion I would suggest “Clean Master App”, this is the most famous application to perform a cleanup on mobile. You can find this application from any known app store. It is very easy to install and run on your phone. You should clean catch memory after every three days, and if you don’t use the internet too much then you can clean up catch memory weekly also.           (“Internet Speed”)

Always use virus scan –

The best way to protect your phone is to install antivirus software to your phone. Whenever you install any software to your mobile, or you download any kind of data file or music file etc. you must perform a virus scan for that particular stuff. There is countless malware, virus, and harmful script software on the internet.

You can protect your device by scanning the downloaded product, and if you find any kind of problem with that particular stuff, then you should instantly delete it from your cell phone. Always download content from known and trusted websites. There is no guaranty that virus won’t come from trusted websites. But they perform a regular virus scan to their website. So in that scenario risk of hitting with harmful virus get reduces. When you have catch free and virus free phone, your internet speed works very fast.               (“Internet Speed”)

Install only useful application-

You should install only those apps which you are using currently. Some people just collect and install applications like collecting wealth. This is a very bad idea if you want to experience good internet speed.

Keep one important thing in mind that when you install a lot of applications to your phone, all those apps occupies space and more, they perform restart and some apps run automatically. It increases the heavy load on your device RAM.

When RAM receives lots of requests it fails to fulfill the requests, and then your phone process slows down, as well as internet speed slows down. In some cases, the phone gets hung too. That is why you should un-install useless application from your device. It will make a big difference to your device processing speed as well as internet speed.

(“Internet Speed”)

Do not download heavy size file to your phone-

This is the most common reason for slow internet speed and device speed. Keep your phone and memory card free as much as you can. Transfer your heavy size files to external storage devices. And whenever you face slow internet speed problem with your mobile device, perform a restart your mobile, it will help to refresh functions.

Always keep your phone memory clean. You should transfer all the downloaded files to memory card from phone memory. Your device will run faster if you keep your phone memory clean. Uninstall facebook application from your device. Facebook app increases catch memory quickly, if you uninstall facebook app from your device, you device will run 15% faster than earlier, this is tried and tested trick.                     (“Internet Speed”)

Make sure that your device network setup is ok-

If you have miss-configured internet setting on your phone, then you will never be able to get good internet speed. You must repair this error first; you can take help from your internet service provider. And if you have proper knowledge of making proper setting then you can do it yourself.

Sometimes you can resolve slow internet issue just by changing preferred  network. To change your prefer network you just have to go to settings area of your phone and then find “Phone” tab. inside the phone, you need to find out the network. When you find the network option, you will see two options like… choose automatic network and search for network.

If you are running the automatic network on your phone, then you can change it to the manual network. You can search for manual network and it will display available network for you. You need to choose your service providers network, just select it and save it. Then after just restart the phone. That is all.

You will see the difference in internet speed. And if you running your service provider network on your phone, then you can choose “choose automatic network” it will search and active automatic nearby network. Both the trick works. You can try and test it. And if it doesn’t work then you can get back to original one.       (“Internet Speed”)

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