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Website designers take lots of money to design a website. Most of the new bloggers can’t afford advance expenses. But it is not as easy as eating pizza. That is the reason why I decided to explain basic website setup process via “WordPress” section of my website. Here in this small tutorial post, I am going to explain how to create Category and header menu. You can do it yourself by reading instructions and watching images. So let’s began…


How to Create Category and Header menu in WordPress



First of all, you need to log-in to your WordPress dashboard and search for post section. You will find sub menu called “category” under post menu. Just click the “category” Tab and open it.



Here in this screen, you need to give a name of the category. So give a name to it, something like “blogging”. (Note- do not add “” double include commas).  And in the second text box, you can write “Slug”.  Now just press “add  a new Category”. That’s it.



You can see the below image, that your “Blogging” category is created. Now you have to link this category to your header menu, so your category channel can work properly. In order to link your category, you have to press “view” Tab. the “view” tab is situated below your newly created category “Blogging”. When you press view, your blogging category page will appear on your screen.



Now just copy the URL of your Blogging Category “view” screen. You can see the example image here below screen.




Now go to your WordPress dashboard and look for “appearance” Tab. you need to find “menu” Tab under “appearance”.  Click on “menu” and open it.



This is a very important step. Now you need to put a name of the menu and paste “category” link in this option. First, you need to paste the category URL (remember, the 4th step where you copied the URL of category “view” screen).  Then Give a name to the menu like “Blogging”. now press “add to menu”.




See the below image where I marked “Primary menu”. Do as I did. Then save the changes. “Remember if you don’t save it, you might lose all created menus so save it properly”. That is it. Mission accomplished.



Actually, this step-8 is not a part of creating a menu and categories, but still I want to explain it, so you can avoid this silly mistake. Whenever you create a new post, you will see a “categories” option in the right sidebar on post section.

You have to tick mark “home” checkbox in order to display your new post on home page. And then you have to tick mark other categories whichever you wish to add your new post in. for example, we created here “Blogging” category, so you can tick mark on Home and Blogging. Then just hit “publish” that is all.



You can add the categories and menus according to your requirement, but don’t make too many menus and categories; it may annoy your viewers. Write blogs on selected topics and create a quality blog on your preferred niche.

Thanks for reading the full post. Leave a comment if you liked the post. Add your views to this topic. The comment section is open 24*7 365 days for you. – stay connected.



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