How to create and set Favicon Icon Image On website

Favicon Image gives an extra charm to your Blog, and it is also an identity of your blog. A favicon is a short form of two words “favorite” & “ icon”.  Setting Up an attractive Favicon image is a very easy task, and it can be done within a couple of minutes. When anyone opens your blog your favicon Image will show up before website name. It will show 16*16 Pixel small Icon. The Image should Be clear and Match color with Appearance of your website, In order to make a Good impact.  So without wasting much time, let’s learn the task…


Favicon Image




How to create and set Favicon Icon In WordPress Blog



First of all, you have to create an attractive small Favicon “icon” image. You can create it in Paint or GIMP software, or you can Hire an online Logo or favicon designer. If you are a new blogger then you should prepare it yourself In paint software.


Make sure that your created favicon Image is 512*512 Pixels Square Image. Remember that If you try to upload and save round image, or rectangle then it won’t allow you, it will show you an error. So make sure that your image is perfectly square.


Now Just go to Your WordPress Administration Screen and Look for “Appearance” TAB then open “Customize” TAB  -> Now Click on “Site Identify” TAB.


Now you just need to make a click on “Select image” at site Icon section. Then after upload the favicon Image which you prepared earlier in the Paint Software. (It Must be 512 Pixels Perfect Square Image)


Now if still your Favicon Image not showing then Just Refresh the page, and Clear the Catch memory, it will start to appear



How to create and set Favicon Icon In Blogger (Blogspot) Blog


Note- First and second step are same as WordPress  so just read and follow above 1 & 2 step even for Blogger Blog.



After creating Favicon Logo you need to go to Blogger Dashboard In order to Upload and set your Favicon Icon Image.


Now Just Click & Open “Layout” TAB. instantly your screen will display “Favicon” Widget at top left corner of your theme Layout Structure.


Now open blue link Named “Edit” under “Favicon” Widget. As soon as you do this step, a new screen will pop up in front of your eyes. Now you have to make a click on  “Choose File” TAB.


Find the suitable / Created / Prepared Favicon Icon Logo and just upload it. (Note- Only perfect square Logo can be set as a favicon Icon. If you try to Upload different size icon then it will show Error).


After uploading Favicon, just save the Image and refresh the page & Clear the Browser catch memory. That is it; you will see a cool Favicon Logo before your website address.


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