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Hello friends, modern internet users love to watch tutorial videos rather than read content. So adding a YouTube video bar can be a good decision for attracting your visitors.  If you are a blogger and  you want to add YouTube video to your Blog page or in the side bar or at footer area, then you can do it very easily. Let’s learn this extremely simple process with an example.

What is the process of adding YouTube Video in a blog?


Step1 (Embed YouTube Video)

Login to your WordPress Blog website’s Control panel Area. Now choose the display area where you want to add YouTube video. You can add it to post area, sidebar, or at footer area. After choosing the spot, just minimize that page. And open YouTube website page through the internet.

Step2 (Embed YouTube Video)

Now search the video that you wish to embed with your WordPress Blog. When you find the right video, just look for “share” button / link TAB below the video screen. Just click and open it.

Step3 (Embed YouTube Video)

As soon as you click on “share” you will see four options over there.

1-    share this video

2-    embed

3-    Email

4-    Hangouts

Now from those for options, you have to click on “Embed”. Just click on it. You will see that some codes will appear in the box. Just copy that whole code and move back to your WordPress Website Blog.

Step4 (Embed YouTube Video)

Now, you can paste that code at your desired place on your blog website’s theme. At Main post widget, footer widget, sidebar widget etc. anywhere you want you can paste the code of that video. After pasting code, you need to save changes. So it can take effect right way.


Step5 (Embed YouTube Video)

Now just go to your website page and refresh it. You will see that video bar has appeared on your desired and selected area. You can check that where there embedded video working or not by pressing the play button on that video screen. It will star playing right away.


When you copy the code and past on WordPress Widget, Make sure that you are pasting it in “TEXT” form. If you paste the code at Visual form your video Bar Will not appear. It will only show some text. So always past codes at “TEXT” form. You can see that both option on the header of widget TEXT & Visual.

(embed YouTube Video)


Update on Video embed technique 

Prior word press 2.9 you can use the above mention technique for embed a YouTube video. But in newer WordPress versions you can embed YouTube Videos by just Copy and Past the URL link of youtube Video Page. In newer version you don’t need to paste whole code. Just paste the URL and save the Changes. That’s it.

I hope you find this small post useful. If you have any more details or useful knowledge about embedding YouTube Video on WordPress website blog, then feel free to mention below at comment area.       Thanks – stay connected  

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