How to Find WiFi Internet Password Instantly

This is a very simple trick. You can find any WiFi internet password within a blink of your eyes. But remember that breaking anyone’s online security is a criminal activity. So keep in mind that this is just a learning tutorial. Suppose if you have sateen (created) a password for your WiFi Internet. But somehow you totally forget it, and at the same time your password resetting option also not working. If you stuck in this kind of trouble then you can use this WiFi internet password trick to solve your problem.

WiFi Internet Password Finding

Process of Finding WiFi Internet Password



First of all, you need to go to start and find CMD. This is a short form of command prompt.



Now you have to make a right click on CMD. And choose administrator mode. (Note-Make sure you are opening CMD as an administrator because this trick won’t work on user mode.)



As soon as Command prompt serene get open, you will see some words like above I described.





Now you have to type in   Netsh WLAN Show Profiles   and then hit enter. You can see above a line. I wrote it accurately.

C:\Windows\System32\>Netsh WLAN Show Profiles

(Note- do not put any space before Netsh. You must put one space after Netsh word, after each word).   (Hit Enter)



As soon as you hit Enter from Your Keyboard, it will show you User Profile Network, in which you already are logged-in.



User Profiles

All user Profiles       :           MyCharactorWiFif1-3G


(Note- as you can see above example “MyCharactorWiFif1-3G” this is your own profile. Now you need to copy “MyCharactorWiFif1-3G” ) (“” don’t copy Double inverted commas).



As soon as you copy MyCharactorWiFif1-3G you have to go to this next line on your screen.   C:\Windows\System32\>



Put your mouse cursor at the end of C:\Windows\System32\> and press Up Arrow Key.



Your computer screen will show something like above written line.

C:\Windows\System32\>Netsh WLAN Show Profiles



Now you need to put a single space after C:\Windows\System32\>Netsh WLAN Show Profiles

And paste your earlier (see step-5) copied profile. MyCharactorWiFif1-3G



The complete line will look like above line.

C:\Windows\System32\>Netsh Wlan Show Profiles MyCharactorWiFif1-3G



As you can see below line there is no space before Netesh & there is 1 space after that word (after each word). You must have to leave one space after world Profile and before MyCharactorWiFif1-3G



Now this is most important and last step to get all active WiFi internet password on your screen. Now you have to add    Key=Clear after Step 10 Line. Then hit Enter button. See above Example of it.


C:\Windows\System32\>Netsh WLAN Show Profiles MyCharactorWiFif1-3G Key=Clear

“Now you just need to Press Enter” & your next screen will show all active WiFi internet profiles and their passwords list.


See above screen – Your final result will be showing something like this.

Security Settings

Authentication      :           WPA2-Personal

Cipher                       :           CCMP

Security Key                        :           Present

Key Content                        :           The Password


The Last line Key Content: “The Password” is the password of WiFi internet.   


Again I am mentioning here that this is only for learning purpose. Do not apply this to find other people WiFi internet password. You may face legal action against you. Thanks for reading the full article. Don’t forget to add your comment below. – Thanks.







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