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hello friends, we have latest news on Twitter. the news is that Twitter is going to make change in 140 words counting rules. according to sources, in the future, it will allow users to write some extra words on tweet. 1 Links  2. Username 3. Photos will not going to be count under 140 words.


for example if you tag @xyz username or link or add fetched photograph to tweet, you will be able to add as many as you like, it will not gonaa be count in 140 words. tweeter is going to make this change soon, all the tweeter lover is going to like this important change.

tweeter is the most popular social network around the world. countless people uses tweeter for sharing information and connecting with each others. we can follow celebs and interact with them, there are many popular celebs around the world regularly updates their tweet. following popular celebs and connecting with them, is a coolest experience.

plus you can raise your voice on any topic that you love to speak about. now days almost every multinational companies manages their Tweet accounts, and they also accepts query on Twitter, about their product & services. in short tweeter is very helpful social medium for you, if you can use it wisely.

More on Twitter

There are many professional Twitter users  who earns their living from tweeter. if you can built up serious followers then you can display promoted products. you can get more information about earning from this platform by searching on google search with “how to earn from tweeter”.

we hope you find this article useful if, and if you are a tweeter user then you will be happy to here that tweeter is going to allow 140+ some extra words at Links, Photos and User Names (@)


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