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google-penality  “Google Penality”

Google is a top level brand. The maximum number of traffic for any successful blog comes from social networking sites and Google search engine. There are several reasons why Google can penalize any blog website. Here in this article, we are going to go through all those possible reasons which can possibly cost Google penalty to a blog website. So without wasting any time let’s cut across to those reasons…


What is Google Penalty?

Google constantly works for making their algorithm batter. The content writers and publishers work tirelessly on creating valuable work, so they can provide useful and original quality content for readers. But unfortunately, there are countless leeches / content thieves who always try to steal original hard work (Content) from their owners.

Google penalize Bloggers by removing their blog posts and pages from the search engine. And when your Website pages don’t show up in the search engine you can’t get Eunice visitors on your blog website easily. This is how Google penalize a blog website.


Reason for getting Google penalty

  • Broken external links can be a reason for getting Google penalty. If you want to avoid this mass, then you should check your all links regularly, and if you found broken links you must remove it or repair it immediately. Allow some quality outbound links.
  • Do not set low-quality backlinks, and never buy backlinks. Google won’t appreciate if you buy backlinks. You must set quality Eunice backlinks in order to improve the rank of your website. Your website can be penalizing for sure if Google found that you are getting inorganic / unnatural traffic from your paid backlinks. Honesty is the best policy when you want to stay away from Google penalty.
  • If you post low quality and meaningless content for a long time, it can be a big reason of getting Google penalty. Do not copy paste any body’s published content. This is a criminal  activity, if you do this kind of serious mistake then you may face legal problems. And also your blog will be ban from Google search engine.
  • Excessive over a load of displayed links. Overloaded links on your web pages can cost you Google penalty. Remember that your visitors will move away instantly from your website if they found your website messy with lots of links. Plus overload of links can make your website slow too. Google always thinks from a Visitors point of view so avoid putting extra useless links to web pages. Avoid adding an unnatural header, footer and sidebar links to your website.
  • Smuggled links and malicious links also can cost your website Google penalty. So never allow useless comments or off-topic comments on your blog website. Comment moderation is highly advanced. You should decide which comments should display on your blog and which shouldn’t display. Smoking, drinking, hates speech, disguising, provoking, drug and poison-related irresponsible content or comments can be a sure reason for getting penalized by Google.
  • The keyword is the main ingredient of a blog post. But if you force a bunch of keywords to your content then Google can penalize you by removing your keyword stuffed pages from the search engine. H1 heading text is good for Website SEO, but if you overuse it then you may get google penalty.
  • Do not touch robot.txt file if you can’t use it properly. It can hide your content posts from the search engine. And you get unintentional Google penalty. (Robot.txt file is a tool that allows blog owners to hide selected / specific content from website).
  • Make sure that you are using mobile friendly theme template. If your website theme not supporting good user experience on mobile, then you should immediately change your website theme. Remember that 70% internet user surfs the internet from smartphones. You can’t ignore them if you are a professional blogger.
  • If you are using multiple languages for publishing content, and putting unnatural Anchor text on your website then Google penalty can knock your door soon. Do not use illegal, harmful, Copywrite, insulting, or ruff language words as a keyword in your post.
  • Google won’t like spam traffic, overuse of meta keywords, spam comments, sponsored links, hacking cracking content, speedy link building etc… you must take care of these points if you want to be safe from Google penalty. Do not link your website to illegal website or Google penalized the website.
  • If you are buying paid content from writers then make sure your writer not selling same content to another website. Always buy content from professional reputational writers, with original content guaranty. Otherwise, you’ll receive Google penalty soon.
  • If your web server is not configured with your domain name for a long time, and if it is displaying error messages to visitors, then Google will remove your website or some WebPages from Search engine. So you must configure your website server properly with the domain.


Precautions for avoiding Google penalty  

If you want to avoid Google penalty then publish high-quality content, built original genuine Backlinks, allow some outbound links to popular websites. Stay away from fraud and extremes’ website. Never put any back link at illegal and spammer websites. Think like a visitor and then prepare your website outlook according to it. Use simple language for content. Display fewer ads and publish more content. Analyze your website up and down timings and loading time. Remove errors, minimize redirections.

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