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Google webmaster guidelines and Google annalistic website, both of this websites are extremely important and helpful to bloggers. It can guide you to correct your website’s SEO. You can index your web pages faster in Google search engine by submitting your website pages in Google webmaster. Google webmaster also gives facility of submitting a sitemap of your website. You can also redirect broken links with the help of Google webmaster website. Google webmaster is also important for getting Google AdSense approval. Now let’s learn why Google webmaster is extremely important to your website blog.                                 “Google Webmaster”

What are the Google webmaster’s guidelines for better search results?


  • Create a crystal clear sitemap. Remember that nobody likes puzzled navigation when they are looking for certain information. There is no less supply of any kind of information on the internet, so, just make sure that you have a solid and simple sitemap for your website.
  • Make sure you are using image alt – it means use exchange links technique, allow others to take some traffic from your site, and request them to do the same, so you can also have some visitors from their websites. In short built good referral traffic. It’s a win-win situation for both the websites. Use alt attributes to your post images. It is the most important for Batter SEO.
  • Test your web server immediately, if your web server is faulty then you will face the problem of low traffic and bad user experience of your website. That’s why you must have to setup your web server correctly. You can visit DNS checker, or any other DNS and other web server related error checker websites. Quickly repair this error if it is on your website.
  • Interlinks are very important for your website. Interlinks increase page views that are truth, but do not insert too many interlinks, it can give bad user experience to your website visitors. You can read the Google webmaster guidelines for interlink quantity per page.


Google Webmaster guidelines for creating Google Friendly Content

  • You should use maximum keywords which are searching more in Google search engine. For example currently, most search keywords on Google are…. Attorney,  Credit,   Lawyer,  Donate,  Degree, Insurance,  Loans,  Mortgage, Hosting, Claim, Conference, Software, Recovery, Transfer, Gas/Electricity, Classes Rehab, Treatment, Cord, Blood, Call Trading etc…
  • Always create quality content, make sure that you are publishing useful content. Visitors will only revisit if they found your web content useful or entertaining. You can use HTTPS security for making a reliable website statement. People will trust your website immediately if you use HTTPS security on your website. (it’s a symbol of trust & security)
  • If you feel that some links supplying bad traffic to your website, then set “No Follow” to that particular link. You must take this step in order to save your website from harmful traffic.
  • Publishing posts on the website are one thing and keeping eye one indexed post pages in the search engine is another thing. You must have to see, where there your latest posts are displaying on the search engine or not. If you don’t find your newly published posts in search engine list, then something is wrong with your website. You must correct that kind of error quickly. Otherwise, you won’t get good traffic from search engine.
  • Remove and fix all kind of broken links and exist error of your website, broken links damage quality and good reputation of your website. Do it quickly with the help of Google webmaster.
  • Make sure that you are publishing properly headed posts with the proper alt attribute. And do not stretch main content ( the core part of the post)to the end of your post. It can make your visitor restless and unhappy. And unhappy visitor means lost of a visitor.
  • Do not link those sites which are a bit heavy to load, always link your website to those sites who are Google friendly. Loaded websites with lots of CSS and javascript codes can take more time to load. So avoid linking these kinds of websites to your website. Use keywords in your post but don’t force keywords it won’t work for you in a long time.


Make your Website lovable and attractive  

Google webmaster is a great helper to blogger if a blogger can take advantages of it. Remember that there is an always scope of improvement, no matter how expert you are, so create a website with cool theme, attractive logo, solid simple sitemap, matching color combination, specific niche.

Create original content, use images, videos, and voice/audio files to explain topics and subjects, always check pilgrims before publishing content, Promote your every new post on social network sites, identify your audience, maximize exposure, and minimize errors. I guaranty you that, if you have the will for work hard then nobody can stop you from being a successful blogger.                                               “Google Webmaster”



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