Guest Post writing tips for beginner blogger

Writing a guest post can help your blog growing fast. There are many popular blog website on the internet that accepts and publish guest post with backlinks. Let’s learn how to write effective guest post. There are several important points that should be taken care of before writing a guest post.

1 – Write a high quality guest post

Blogger should understand that if they want to send guest post, they can’t send crape or low quality post. remember that popular blogs have their high standard, they won’t publish low quality free post and damage their reputation. So if you wish to write a guest post, first contact a same niche popular blog and send a mail to them. Or you can read guest post policy of that particular website and create post according to it.

Make a research on popular keyword. Always use H2 and H3 keyword in sub-headings. Use selected keyword in every sub-heading. Do not overuse keyword in a blog post. Make sure that your article post is written with correct spelling and free from grammatical mistakes. Article post should be minimum 1000 to 1200 worlds long. You can also Add 3 to 4 suitable photographs in article post.


2 – Always write original guest post

Make sure you are not copying any article in a guest post. Trust is the key for long terms relation. Many bloggers / website also pay for original content guest post. In the modern days there are many pilgrim check software available on the internet. That is why blogger must have to send original content (guest post) in order to get accepted. Be original and communicate with bloggers like a friend. This is the most effective way to get accepted as a guest post sender. Use free stock images in a article, remember that 1 effective image is like 500 to 1000 words. You can also add a suitable video link if you have any.


3 – Guest post preparation is extremely important

Write a guest post on such topic which you are blogging on, means if you are a health blogger and you are guest posting on some insurance topic. Then it is totally vested. Blogger must write guest post on same niche topic in which they blogging on. Another thing- research well before writing, like… what is trending topic? Which keywords ranking high?

If some blogger had already posted content on some topic then, you can’t send them similar content, because they won’t accept and post similar content again, so it is vise to make a deep research on this point.


Guest Post Tips Conclusion –

Writing a guest post is extremely useful for new blogger. Remember that when you write a guest post for a famous blog, you receive backlink from that popular blog. it can zoom up traffic to your blog. Google also starts ranking your pages high in the search engine. Blogging is defiantly a tough task, But if you do it in the right way you can get success. – Good Luck.

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