How to Embed Facebook Like Page

Social Media websites are extremely important nowadays for a blogger. The maximum amount of traffic comes through these social media sites. Twitter, facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Linkin these are the most famous social network sites. Embedding Facebook Like page is very useful. Today here in this article you will learn how to set facebook like page in your blogger blog. This is very easy, straightforward and simple method of gaining more traffic to your website and Facebook page. Before learning the process of adding facebook Like page /box, you must have to create a facebook page on your facebook account.


Process of adding Facebook like page or Facebook like Box


First of all, you need to go to your own Facebook page which already you have created earlier, then after you have to copy the URL of your Facebook fan page.

(Note- copy the URL up to Numerals only, doesn’t need to copy the whole URL)


This is the URL for Creating Facebook like Page (page Plugin)



In the second step, you need to go to Facebook developer’s website. Now you can Configure your Facebook like page style. You will see below Screen when you visit Facebook developer’s website.

Facebook Like Page



In the third step you have to paste the copied URL in the first text box on your screen, then after you can configure the Facebook like page Box style. You can configure height, width, stream, page border, show faces, background and other property looks of your embed Facebook Page.


Now, when you finish configuring / preparing Facebook like page OutLook, you need to press “get code” Tab. it will show two kinds of code. Out of them, you have to choose “I-Frame” code. Just copy that bunch of code.



Now just go to your Blogger Blog, and find “Layout” from the sidebar of your blogger admin area. Inside layout, now you need to click on “add a gadget” it will open list of gadgets of your blogger. You need to choose “HTML JavaScript” just paste the code in it, and give a suitable title to it, like “follow us on facebook” or something else whatever you like. Finally, save the gadget and refresh your blog.


You can re-arrange created gadget by moving it, in your sidebar, footer, header wherever you wish to display your Facebook like Page.



Every blogger should embed this Facebook like Page box in their blog. it is very easy to setup and very productive step, in order to get some extra traffic to your blog. – Thanks For Reading Full Post – Stay Connected.


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