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hacker-at-work“Internet Hackers”

The Internet is like a wild forest. There is nothing safe on the internet. There are countless hackers and crackers around the internet word. If you are an internet user or a blogger or you are making any kind of money transactions online then you must read this post. The Internet provides high-tech facilities in the modern era to their users. But at the same time, it opens doors for robbers and internet thieves. So let’s learn how to be safe from the internet frauds.

Use VPN Network to get protected from hackers

VPN stands for Virtual Privet Network. This is the best idea to get protected from potential hacking threat. VPN works like a mask to your IP address. It gives you max security and privacy. It also protects your website like a strong and unbreakable wall. You can use public network securely with VPN security.

Always use Anti-virus to be protected from internet hackers         

Before running the internet to your computer system or mobile, you must install Anti-virus software in your system device. Because you never know, who is keeping eyes on you, remember that Anti-virus can’t make your system hacking proof but it can reduce the threat of getting hacked by internet hackers.

Be careful while using cyber café internet  

If you are using cyber café internet for updating your blog website or making any kind of money transactions, or you are sharing personal emails, your all activities can be traced by cyber café owner. They use spy software like key logger to keep eyes on their customer’s activity on internet. That’s why you should be very careful when you use internet from cyber café. Sometimes internet hackers steal browsing data from cyber café when you leave without deleting your browsing history.

Scan your device and data regularly for virus.  

You can use online virus check software for corrupt files and software. If you don’t scan your system and data regularly then it can slow down your computer system and cell phone devices. You should update your Antivirus regularly. You never know when hidden virus strike to your system. There are many browser highjack software, spyware software, on internet which can hit your system with downloading file, software or image file. Internet hackers always leave these kinds of harmful files for their sick entertainment, troubling others, or for stealing others hard work wealth.

Always perform log-out from your all accounts when you use public internet systems

Sometimes people uses cybercafé internet or friends device to perform some important tasks like paying electrical bill, making online recharge or surfing social account and forgets to logout. Remember that when you close website page with cross mark, it doesn’t logs you out of your account.

Avoid using free public internet networks 

Today almost every big hotels, restaurant, theaters etc… provides free WiFi internet facilities for their customers. In this kind of networks have very low-grade securities or almost 0 securities. If you use this kind of free internet service networks and surf sensitive websites like your online bank account or your website control panel, then there is a big chance of getting hacked by other users of the same network.

Make a Strong and Unbreakable Password for your accounts

Do not make easily crackable password. If you use 123456 and name or date of birth related password then it can be hacked easily. Therefore, you must prepare difficult password with the use of at least 15 to 20 characters. And you must use digits, alphabets, special characters, and capital alphabets within your password. And don’t save your password to your browser. It is totally unsafe; anybody with basic coding knowledge can steal your password from browser data.



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