How to Remove credit texts and Links from Footer area of Theme



Hello friends, in this specific post you are going to learn how to remove theme credit link & words from footer area. This is very simple task. You don’t need any special coding skills to perform this simple task. Let’s learn how to remove footer credit words and links. Follow all steps one by one and see the result.

Before teaching you this trick, I would like to clarify that you must read the privacy policy of specific theme in which you are going to make changes, because some theme owners don’t allow removing credit words and links from their themes. They give away free themes, because they want to advertise their products and website. They aims to receive back link traffic from footer advertise credit words. So please understand that this trick is just for education purpose.




First of all you need to open your word-press dashboard. Now form the left bar find appearance tab. In side that option you have to look for editor option. Mostly this option lies at end of that option. Now click on editor and open it.


Now in the next screen you need to find footer.php. Find it and open it. Now you will see bunch of some codes in the box. Now press control + f. you will see search box at right hand side of your screen at top. Just type in….   copyright   or credit   word in that box. You will see that one code line will highlight from bunch of codes.

Something like …..

<div class=”copyrights”><?php mts_copyrights_credit(); ?> </div>

This code you will find above footer container area.  Now you have to remove such this type of code line and save your changes.

Step- 3

Now go to your website’s home and refresh the page. You will see that your theme credit words and links are gone / disappeared from footer your website footer area.


ALL DONE – you will see that task has completed. See below example for reset of your own footer text & links.


Warning- before perform this trick you must copy whole codes from footer.php because in case, if anything goes wrong, then you can re active previous settings without damage your website.



/** removal of credit text and resetting of your own pages and website page links **/

<?php $options = get_option(‘ribbon’); ?>





<div class=”container”>

<div class=”footer-widgets”>

<?php widgetized_footer(); ?>


<a href=””><b><font color=”#ffffff”>Contact ||</font></b></a>

<a href=”http://”><b><font color=”#ffffff”>Site Map ||</font></b></a>

<a href=”http://”><b><font color=”#ffffff”>About ||</font></b></a>

<a href=”http://”><b><font color=”#ffffff”>Disclaimer ||</font></b></a>

<a href=”http://”><b><font color=”#ffffff”>Privacy Policy </font></b></a>


<div class=”right”>

<b><font color=”#ffffff”>  Copyrright @ 2015-2016 </font></b>

<a href=””><b><font color=”#ffffff”> EXAMPLE.COM </font></b></a>










*************** ****************************************************************

<div class=”copyrights”><?php mts_copyrights_credit(); ?> </div>    ((((( removed credit)))))



<?php mts_footer(); ?>

<?php wp_footer(); ?>






Conclusion –

as you can see with above example. How easy this task is. You can perform it your self, without help of any programmer or coding expert. And plus after removing theme credit links and text, you can set your own website name and copy right text and links & contact, sitemap, disclaimer, about, pages etc… (See above example where I explained how to set all important pages link +  text). Also note that I have set an alignment for copyright words, and website link. You can also set text and link alignment as per your requirement.


Again I would like to mention that use child theme or save a copy of footer.php before edit it. Read your theme provider’s policy before make any kind of change. This tutorial is only for education purpose, we don’t appreciate any creator’s credit link or text without their permission.


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