How to Set Featured Image in Word-Press Post Section



Friends, if you are new to word press software, and not familiar with word press basic feathers then you must read this small post. I’ve faced this Error “Blank space on Featured Image section, on word press post area” problem while I started blogging on word-press software.

When you create a post and pest, or write your content in post area, you can see a “Media” TAB above post section. Easily you can point a curser at the place where you want to display image.

After that, as you all know that there is drag and drop option is available for upload images from computer system as well as from internet.

I also did the same process in the past, after uploading and posting image to my content area, and then I published my post. When I seen the website post section, I noticed that image was disappeared from post section. But, at a same time when I open the post page,  my uploaded  image  was there in full post display area.

I surfed many web pages to resolve that minor error, but unfortunately I couldn’t find the solution. You won’t believe I had suffered almost a week for solving that minor issue called / named “Featured Image not displaying on post section”.

Finally I got solution from a YouTube video. I thank to that old lady how shared technique of setting featured image on word press blog post section. Here I am also sharing that small technique so; any new word-press blogger can take advantage of it, and be able to set featured image on word press blog.

Featured Image setting process step by step


Just go to your word-press dashboard. Open the post tab from left bar. Now form the posts list, choose the post in which you want to add image on post section.


After choosing post, you have to click on the edit option. Edit option should be there below your post title. Just open selected post’s edit section. Now in the next screen you will see “Featured Image” link text on right side “below” area of that same screen.


You just need to open that linked text “Featured Image”. As soon as you press that link text, you will be redirected to uploaded images section of your word press software.


Now just select the image which you wish to set as post featured image, and then press ok. When you do this, you will be redirected to post page section of your word press software.


As soon as you complete this simple process you will see the selected image under “Featured Image linked text”.  If you see image there then it is conformed that Featured Image is selected for your post section. Now update the post /save changes.

Step -6

Go to your website page and refresh the page. Boom… you will see that your selected Featured Image is live on your post section area. Note- you also can select different images for full blog post, and post Featured Image.

More– I know Featured Image error is very basic error for word press masters but for a word press beginner it can be a headache. That is the reason why I posted this article. I hope you readers will like my effort. And if you have more knowledge about setting up “Featured image setting” then feel free to mention it, at below comment area. Thanks for reading full article.

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