How to use Facebook Messenger App in a computer

Currently the large population of the world uses facebook. Sharing images, chat with friends, connecting with new people, promoting products, creating fan base, sending and receiving cash online, making free phone calls… and many more things which can be done with facebook. Here in this small article I would like to share information about installing and using Facebook Messenger app on laptop or desktop. So let’s start…


Steps of installing N using Facebook Messenger App in a computer

  • Get online
  • Go to
  • Now just logon with your facebook mail ID and Password.
  • Enjoy FB messenger on desktop That is all.

This website proved best user experience. You can enjoy chat with your friends. It has great user interface. And that site also runs very fast. If you find any difficulty logging in, or if you have any query in mind, feel free to share your problem in comment section.


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