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Alexa ranking is the most important tool for a website. It shows the current passion of the blog website in the global ranking. Alexa won’t show details of a newly started blog website. When any website fills with the good amount of quality content, then it maps in the website. Basic fetchers are free of Alexa website but if anyone wishes to take premium services  than they can select desired subscription plans from that website. Here in this article, we will learn the tricks that how to improve  rank of the website.


What is Alexa?

Alexa rank is an estimate of how famous or popular your website is relative to other websites on the internet.

This is the most common question comes in the mind of new blogger that why Alexa?  Alexa was found in the year 1996. they collects data of website through its toolbar. If you want to know about any known website global rank, then you just need to type the name of that website in the search box, you will get an instant rank report of that particular website. it gives the best rank matrix report for comparing websites.

(website Link-


How to Install Alexa Tool Bar?

You can install this toolbar very easily, you just need to go to Alexa toolbar installation page and click on install extension tab. That is all; your Alexa toolbar extension will be install immediately. Small  icon will appear on menu bar after installing the extension.

(toolbar installation Link-

How to install Alexa widget on your website?

If you are using WordPress software then you can easily a plug-in called “Alexa rank plugin widget”. And if you want to add widget through codes then copy and paste below code to your website widget.

Code for widget

Go to Your Blogger Control penal and open Widgets tab. now open “add a gadget” from your blog structure area. You will see list of tools in the dialog box. Just make a click on HTML/JavaScript now paste the following codes in that box. (Note- you can give title name “alexa rank or anything you wish”)

********* Code******

<script type=’text/javascript’ src=’ ‘/>


Note- Just replace the website name with your website name and save it.


What is the best Way to improve Alexa rank of a website?

  • Submit your website information to Alexa Website. It will help to improve your website rank faster .
  • Install Alexa toolbar to your web browser.
  • Install Alexa widget to your website main page.
  • Whenever you write a new post, then always share it to webmaster forums, like Yahoo Help Form, Google Help Forum etc. it will help to increase traffic on your blog website. And when you get more traffic on the website your website  rank improves faster.
  • Write quality content. Quality & Eunice content is the key to zoom up in the ranking.
  • Publish content regularly to attract your website visitors. It is just like newspaper habit. When we wake up in the morning we always look for the newspaper to read the daily news, The Same way your visitors will visit your blog every day for fresh content if you publish content regularly.
  • Create Eunice Backlinks to other popular blogs. If you Create Eunice Backlinks, your website will receive visitors from that link. This is the most common and famous way of gaining traffic to the website and it also improves  rank of the website.
  • Look for quality exchange links, you can add some other blogger’s content link to your page and you can ask them to do the same favor. Exchange links can make a round cycle of traffic. This exchange link trick can help both the websites to increase traffic.
  • Always write content in a simple language, it will help your blog to connect with more and more people. Share your content post in social network sites. Always answer to comments and queries of your readers; it makes a strong bond with your website readers.
  • Always add text links in the post section. Links attracts readers to make a click on it. And when the reader makes more clicks, you earn more money. (It increases the chances of advertising click).
  • Create Fan Pages at Facebook and Google+ website. If your website is well designed and filled with useful content than you can gain big traffic instantly from Facebook and Google+ website fan pages. If your content is good then you will get 500 to 1000 visitors from this fan pages daily.
  • Focus on your best content post. Promote your best-visited content post. You can find it with the help of Google annalistic tool. This is the most common rule; supply the goods which are in demand. You can gain more traffic by following this simple trick. Keep promote your best selling /viewing content.
  • Write a review about Alexa rank topic and publish it to your blog. If you write a review about it, your website ranking will improve quickly.
  • Whenever anyone checks your website Alexa rank, your website rank improves.



Here I want to clarify to all new bloggers that Back Links, Exchange Links, Ranking Tool, Social Sharing, Fan page Making, Setting Up quality Theme and Learning SEO things. All these things are valuable only when you create and publish regularly Eunice and quality content. Otherwise, it’s all west of time. So every new blogger must have to focus on creating good content. just concentrate on creating quality content. That is the first priority of successful blog. Thanks for reading the full post. – stay connected.



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