What Is Keyword Density and how it works

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Hello dear readers, here in this article post I am going to explain about keyword density. If you are connected with article writing and blogging then you have to learn about this Important SEO factor called keyword density. Some people think that if they insert keywords max time in the article, their article will zoom up in rank. And reach top pages of search engine. That’s not true. Let’s learn about keyword density.

What is Keyword Density?

When we write an article and use main words of the title again and again in the post, this technique is known as keyword density. Keyword density shouldn’t be more than 3.5 to 4 % otherwise, it can become annoying for readers. Let’s understand it with an example.

Now suppose that you are writing an article post named…  “How to make pizza”, and you are planning to write 1000 word article on that subject. Now your first job is to identify keyword from the title. Here in this title, you can see the word “pizza” is the keyword. So when you write your article you must have to use keyword “pizza” at least 2.5% to 3%, so when any one Google this query “How to make pizza” they can find “pizza” related articles in the search list.

2.5% to 3% keywords Means, in your 1000 word article you have to use “pizza” word 25 to 30 times. This is called keyword density. But make sure you don’t overuse keyword. You have to use it smartly within your article sentences naturally.

Keep in mind that, if you compromise content quality then keywords won’t help your blog post to get the top spot in rank for a long time.  People won’t read low-quality content again. Focus on content quality. Always use  keywords in sub-headings also. You must use your keyword in the first paragraph of the article. And do not overload your content with the keyword.

So the simple advice is that do not annoy your readers with artificially inserted keywords, if you do that, then surly they will run away from your site and you will lose the visitors. But if you use max keywords in a natural way, meaningfully, then it’s perfect for your blog.


Conclusion – for SEO purpose keyword density is important, but not more important than the quality of content. You must use keywords in a natural way otherwise your content will not gonna be popular for a long time. It will fall down in rank quickly.

Thanks for reading this micro-post. I hope you like it. You can comment below if you have more knowledge on this keyword density subject.    Stay connected



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