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make-money-whatsapp“Make Money”
We are living in a Digital world. Our life is surrounded with internet and software applications. There are several types of applications available in different play stores. You can download free apps as well as premium applications. You can turn your android smartphone into earning machine. All you need is to do some easy work with sitting on your drawing room’s couch. Here In this article, I am going to teach you how to make some easy money with your social share application WhatsApp. And if you are using any other social share application then still you can follow this useful trick.

How to take a start

Without wasting time let’s cut across to the main point. To make earnings from your android phone, you need to subscribe reasonably good speed internet pack, and then after you have to start building your audience. It doesn’t matter how you built your audience facebook, tweeter, Instagram or from any ware, just collect data and feed it to your android smart phone’s contact list. Make a strong database. Remember it doesn’t matter if you grow your database slowly, you can start with 25 to 50 contact also.                 “Make Money”

Gain More Contacts to advertise your stuff

Let’s assume that you are a WhatsApp application user and you want to make some money with your android phone. But you don’t have more than 25 WhatsApp contacts in your cell phone database. Don’t worry you can enlarge your database by joining the various WhatsApp public group. You can request your friends to refer yourself to their friend’s WhatsApp group. This is how you can build your contact database.         “Make Money”

Make money with WhatsApp application


Direct apply for paid promotion –

if you have good amount database audience then you don’t need to take  help from any third party money making programs. You can direct make an approach to advertisers ask for work, if they want to promote their product, they will give you work. You just have to describe your audience details and size, so they can decide that your database audience is worthy of them or not.                 “Make Money”

Promote and sell your own stuff (products and services) –

if you are in any kind of business and you want to increase your sales, then you can use WhatsApp or any other social network application to promote your own business. You can share photos, videos or text information about your product. You also can create some discount coupon, festival sale and off session low rate sale. Build some good audience and start sharing your product. If you adopt this theory of promotion, your business will receive more clients for sure.                  “Make Money”

Earn money from PPD Network-

before explain how to earn from PPD let me tell you that PPD stands for “Pay per Download”. The explanation of PPD indicates itself that this is about downloading something. You can make some money downloading free applications to your android phone and get paid for those downloaded applications. This PPD network is a modern way of promoting products. Advertising company uses this method for getting more audience to their newly launched product. Many companies pay free mobile recharge when a user downloads an application, some company pays gift coupon to their downloader, some pay cash also. You can choose what kind of reward you wish to receive.

Note- you can find PPD websites and apps by searching “PPD work provider apps and websites” on Google search. You will find hundreds of website who gives this kind of work.                     “Make Money”

Watch video and Make Money-

you can earn money by just watching videos on your android phone, suppose if you have one extra Smartphone, and you want to sell it, well don’t do it. You can earn some money from it. There are many video websites on the internet that pay to watch videos on your smartphone.

They promote advertise in between those videos. And when you watch those videos with included advertise, their advertisers pays money to website owners and website shares a part of earning with their video watchers.

Become an online teacher and make money –

 you can earn money by using WhatsApp application as a teaching tool. You also can use any other social share application which has text, and voice sharing facilities. And if it has video chat option,  it’s more batter. You can create your qualifications; experience and skills mentioned attractive resume and upload it to social share sites. Establish yourself as a good quality online tutor. People will approach you because it’s very helpful and low-cost method of gaining knowledge.                   “Make Money”

Start affiliate marketing with WhatsApp application or with any other application-

This is the most lucrative and famous method of earning some good money with your phone. You just have to sign up for affiliate work provider’s website and then get your affiliate link that is all.

Then after you need cut across to your WhatsApp application, and start sharing that affiliate link. Remember you can also use facebook, twitter, or any other social website to start tour affiliate work. There is a simple rule when anyone clicks your link and makes a purchase then you earn a small share of seller’s profit.

Note- when you promote any product or service on the social network.  People may ask you that what it is about. So before promoting it, make sure you have good basic knowledge of your product.             “Make Money”



Making money from your Smartphone application is kind of part time job, it takes a time to built your audience, you can send product messages, or service promotional images, videos and text messages, but make sure it don’t annoy your audience. Make business smartly, don’t be a spammer and start making money with your cell phone applications. Have patience and work continually, sooner or later you will get the reward for sure. Don’t forget to subscribe our newsletters. You can leave a comment if you liked the post. Also, you can add a leaf to this article if you have some extra knowledge “earn money with WhatsApp or with any other social share application”.

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