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Online Community forums are like information junctions. There are countless Online Communities running on the internet on various subjects. Every blogger should take a part in Online Community according to their blog niche. And also normal internet users should have to take an active part in Online Community. You can gain information and knowledge for free from Online Communities. Mostly Online Community allows new registration; simply you need to insert your username and password with some basic details of yours and that is all. Just confirm your mail address and you can take an active part in that particular forum.

What is the meaning of online community? How does it work?      

When registered or unregistered members of a forum or community interact virtually with the help of the internet, then Online Community comes in the picture. This kind of users’ shares information with each other’s and solves problems of those users who put their questions at Online Community forum dashboard. In short it’s like a knowledge sharing institution.

“here below you can find online community forums who covers topics like… blogging, hosting, work from home, gain more traffic on the website, networking, troubleshooting, make money, application development, software installation, affiliate marketing, scams, software using, SEO, blog indexing, web design, web development, programming, internet tricks and much more…”


Online Community forum list and it’s brief details

  1. Affiliate marketing Forum- here on this valuable forum several webmasters and experienced bloggers discuss different topics like online marketing, affiliate marketing, web designing, blogging, website maintaining and error troubleshoot. It has more than 15000 registered members. You can also join “affiliate programs” forum, in this forum there are 5000 plus registered members shares their experience about the topic affiliate marketing.
  2. Blogger help groups – this is a very large group of registered members. It has more than 70000 registered users. Users discuss here blogging platform related issues. And this is official Online Community forum of “blogger”. The highlight of this forum is that sometimes Google employees comes on this forum and shares information and also makes important announcements.
  3. Blog-crowd forum, Bloggerhub, blogger blog forum, Blogger Talk, Blogger Talk Forums, Bloggst Forums, Blog Her Forum, Blog Mastermind Forum, Blog Skins Forum, Blogger data API, Blogger Meet UP, these are the forums with 1000 to 10,000 registered users. On these Online Communities forum, you can gain knowledge about how to get traffic on your blog, blogging blog design etc subjects.
  4. Contest Blogger Forum – if you want to gain some knowledge about blogging contents, like paid blogging competition, or group writing projects or any kind of exchange content with other bloggers, then you can visit and register with Contest Blogger Forum Online Community. This is all about that.
  5. Digital Point – This online community covers SEO related questions, it also covers web hosting, web design, and Google search related topics. It has 100000 plus active registered users on it. Digital point forum is like a den of knowledge. It is highly advised to be a member of it.
  6. Google Webmaster Help- this is a Google Group community for webmasters to discuss and share valuable guidance and knowledge. Sometimes Google Employee shares their valuable knowledge on this forum. It has 24000 registered users.
  7. WordPress Forums- this is the official forum online community of website. It covers different issues of WordPress software platform. And “Wordpress support” is official support community forum of word press. This two forums are must join forum, if you are a blogger and if you are using WordPress software for your website.      
  8. Dream Team Money- the name of the forum itself explains that it covers the subject of how to make money, it also covers subjects like SEO, web development and there is also a marketplace. It has 23000 plus registered users. Another same topic forum is “Earners forum” it covers Subject of earning from a website. It has 8000 plus registered members on it.
  9. HTML Forums- it covers the topics of server administration, web hosting, domain, and all of other website related questions. It has more than 30000 registered users.
  10. Warrior forum- it covers the topic of Google Adsense, Copyright, and website related topics. Registered members also can download eBook from warrior forum. It has 58000 plus registered users on this forum.                           
  11. Digital inspiration forums – this forum is all about technology. It also covers important subjects like SEO, make money from Google AdSense, and other popular networks. You can post technology related question on this forum as well as you can ask questions regarding Blogging also.
  12. Pro Blog Writers- it is a bloggers forum and it has 2000 plus members on it.
  13. Get Paid Forum- it covers about earning revenue from a website, on this forum registered members can sell, buy, and trade advertise also. It has 80000 plus registered members on it.
  14. Google Age Forum – it covers the topic of optimizing website advertise. You can discuss digital currencies, and Get paid programs. This forum has more than 16000 registered users.
  15. Feed Burnet Forum- this forum is an official online community for webmasters and bloggers, it covers topics like, how to integrate feed burner feeds and working with feed burner feeds.
  16. Web design Forums- this forum covers the topic of web design questions, it has 20000 plus registered members on it. If you want to learn basic web design or you have any question about web design related topic then you must join this forum.
  17. Name Pros- if you are a domain name owner, or domain buyer and seller, then you must join this forum. It covers all subjects related domain. Name Pros online community has over 65000 registered members who share their knowledge regularly on this forum.
  18. Photo Shop Forum- you can learn a lot about photoshop from this useful forum. It covers all topics related Photoshop software. It has more than 7500 registered users on it. This is a best online community for Photoshop learners.
  19. Scams- this is a popular forum on the internet, it has 65000 plus registered members on it. and it covers the topic of possible scams which can happen to anyone while using the internet. We recommend this forum because leeches / thieves can target anyone, so it’s good to be aware of this subject.
  20. Search Engine Forums- this is another useful forum for webmasters and bloggers. It covers the topics about search engine optimization, traffic gaining for a website, website marketing and website hosting and website maintaining topics bloggers should register this useful forum.
  21. SEO Black Het- this forum covers topics like attracting more traffic to a website, earning more revenue from the website, this is a bit advanced forum, and it’s not for newcomers who don’t have basic knowledge about SEO and website building. You only should join this forum if you are a bit experienced blogger, otherwise, you might find difficulty to understand what other members discussing.
  22. SEO Chat Forums- The name itself Explains that it is the SEO related forum. It has more than 36000 registered users. You can gain knowledge of SEO by joining this useful online community.
  23. Site Point Forums- this is a big size online community it has over 2, 00,000 registered members on it. It covers topics like web designing, programming, blogging related topics, website hosting, and there are also a marketplace for webmasters, you must join this large size online community in order to communicate with lots of forum users.
  24. Technorite Support- this is a very useful form for bloggers, it covers important topic like how to index blog in popular search engines quickly. Remember if you want to be a successful blogger then you must learn how to index your blog pages in different search engines, in order to gain more website traffic for your blog website.
  25. WAHM Forum- it covers the topic of “Work from Home” if you are looking for a home base job then you must join this forum. It will be helpful to you for sure. “Work at Home Forum” this forum covers subjects like freelance work, affiliate marketing using various platforms like mobile application, social network websites etc.   
  26. Wicked Fire- it has 13000 plus users. It covers topics such as gain more traffic on a website, web design, domain, hosting and affiliate marketing related queries.



Remember that popular forums have very strict rules of asking questions and behaving on it. If you throw spam questions and try to prompt your blog over there, then possibly they might kick you out of the forum. So use online community forums wisely, and gain more knowledge. You will defiantly grow faster if you read popular forum threads. Choose your niche desired from the list and start learning, all the best.

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