SEO – Baby Steps of Blogging

Search Engine optimization is a back bone of Blogging. Each and every blog depends on SEO. The batter SEO of a website means batter traffic and batter blog traffic means good revenue earnings. Every blogger wishes to get his post at first page of Google search, so they can bring flood of organic visitor traffic to their post. Well, there is a big difference in dreaming and achieving.


There are countless quality blogs and tons and tons of blog post in it. Whatever topic you write in the Google search box you will find thousands and millions results related your search query. In-short it is extremely hard to achieve a spot on the first page of Google search if your post quality is not good or you doesn’t care about SEO.

What is the SEO animal? And why it is so important for bloggers?

SEO is just an art of getting your website or blog at the top of Search engines. Suppose if you have one website, and your website is about short comedy stories. And you wish to rank on the first page of Google Search.

Now remember that there is thousands blogger writes shorts comedy stores, they all want to have that top spot on Google search. So they can also have more visitors on their blog.

Now the big question is who decides which content is more informative and good quality? To overcome from this important question, SEO comes in the picture. Yes, the magical system SEO can do this extremely important job.

Search engine bots pushes batter quality content towards the first page of search results, based on Keywords, Daily traffic on the post, post sharing quantity, website backlink quality and many other important factors.

Why should I care about SEO?  

SEO is extremely lucrative algorithm; bloggers can gain unbelievable traffic to their blog by doing it right. The bloggers can expect flood of traffic if they take good care about their blog’s SEO,

Some blogger believes that they can get good traffic from the social network and backlinks, sure these are great sources of building up traffic to your web blog, but you can’t rich the top without real organic search engine traffic. And mark my words you can get organic traffic, only to your blog post appears on Google search first or second page.

Many bloggers scares of SEO. Let me tell you that SEO is not a rocket science, or it is surely not a deadly demon. Any blogger can correct it if they wish to do it. In order to correct SEO of a blog, you need to take care of two important things.

1-Have the words that you want to rank for on your site.

Having post related words mean putting keyword artistically. Now the other question is what Keyword is. Well, if I am writing a post entitled “How to Correct SEO of a site” here in this title post my keyword is “SEO”. If I am going to write 1000 word post, I must use “SEO” Keyword 10 to 30 times. Per 1000 word 10 to 30 Keyword means 1% to 3% keywords.

Remember that putting keywords artistically, and forcing keywords just for batter SEO is two different things. You must have to use keywords smartly, within the sentences. Otherwise, it won’t help your post to a rank batter in SEO. Keep in mind that readers are going to read your post not search engines. So always try to create a useful and meaningful post.

Try to put keywords in the post title, first and last paragraph, sub headings and at other necessary places. Use keywords but be careful of keyword suffering, means don’t overuse keywords.


2- Have other good web sites linking to your web site blog.

Rich people eats food in five-star hotels, if you go there and eat food, other People will pretend that you are also one of them. The Same theory works here in search engines.

If your site linked with other quality websites, Google search bots pretend that your website is one of the successful website, which currently receiving tons and tons of visitors.

Understand one thing that Google doesn’t have time to read every websites content manually, they can’t sit on a desk and decide that which site should be on what rank. But still Google has a responsibility to identify the best content and put it on the higher rank, so the user can get the best result on his screen.

Google scans every website on the internet. Then every time they see one website linking to another website, Google sees it as a kind of vote and gives that website a little boost in the search engine.

Basically it’s kind of popularity contest. If you have good quality popular web back link then your site can zoom up on search engine, and you also can have good traffic from that back links. (Note- links from other site to your site means Backlink)

Google has very fast and accurate SEO bots system that can scan quality and quantity of good backlinks. More quality backlinks means more real visitor traffic, and more traffic means more $$$.


What are the measurements of good quality websites?   

Suppose if a blog is having 300 to 1000 articles, and posting articles regularly, and that blog is around for a wild, then you can say that the blog is well establish and trust worthy.

A quality blog can be identified by its Alexa rank. You can check the Alexa rank of a site and if it falls under 50K or 100K (World Rank) then you can say that it is a decent blog.

If any blog has lots of comments on their posts, if any blog has a Facebook fan page with thousands of likes, if any website has thousands Feed subscribers then it proves that the blog is defiantly worthy and you must set backlinks on those kinds of blogs.

Remember that when you go for setting backlinks, you must put quality backlinks, low quality backlinks are just pieces of garbage, which has no value. It can’t send big traffic, so focus on setting up high quality backlinks in order to correct your blog’s SEO.


Where to find Good quality websites in order to set high quality backlinks?    

By reading above paragraph (above point), Now you knows that how to identify quality website. To find good quality website you can take help from search engines, target social Medias like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Tumbler, Instagram etc…

Look for Same Niche forums, in which you are blogging. suppose if you are a blogging related blogger than search for “blogging forums” on Google search engine. You will find thousands of forums related your niche. Now if a forum has 25K to 100K registered members then you can believe that it is totally worthy forum. You should target this kind of forums in order to set quality backlinks.

SEO tips for bloggers

Ok I know all about backlinks, I will set 50 to 70 backlinks a day

Hold it,,, wait… don’t take off both feet in the air at the same time. If you try to set many backlinks in a same day, Google read you as a spammer and search engine might ignore your blog, so make it a daily habit. It is just like physical exercise, you can’t workout 18 hours in a day and then rest for a one week. You have to create / set 5 to 10 quality backlinks everyday.

I am putting backlinks, but cruel bloggers not approving it, what to do?

This is the extremely important point. Many bloggers face this problem. Remember that other popular blogs and forums are not your uncle’s toy shop or your grand fathers’ farm house where you can do whatever you want to do. You cannot write that “Hey this or that is my blog come and visit

High-quality forums and website will never accept or approve this kind of west and useless comments.

What to do? (In order to get backlinks comment approval).

If you want quick approval to your backlink comment, just join the conversation topic. Read what other people discussing and commenting, share your knowledge, and ask some decent niche related questions. If you follow this true technique, your comment (Backlinks) will get approval within the blink of your eyes.

Just keep in mind that popular blogger doesn’t like direct promotion, you have to contribute some useful words at their forums and blog, and this is the only way of setting up quality backlinks at popular blogs and forums.


Keep SEO in mind, but don’t become med about it. You need some time to learn this Kind of things. Every blogger makes some mistakes when they start blogging. keep learning and keep growing that is the best way of good SEO blogging. if you want to become a successful blogger with doing proper SEO, just join popular SEO forums, observe popular website design and style. Don’t copy them but learn useful tricks from their routine. – Thanks for reading Full post – Keep Commenting.


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