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Friends, if you are connected with any kind of blogging work or running your own website, then you must know what SEO is, and how it works. SEO is like DNA of blogging. Behind Every successful internet blogger or website owner, there is a big hand of well maintain SEO. Here in this post, I am going to hammer some important SEO tips, I hope its help your blog website gain more traffic and generate more revenue income. Let’s start….

What is the Meaning of SEO?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization

Why keywords of blog post is Important In SEO?

Whenever any user types in a query, Google search engine identifies the keywords. Google pushes only those blogs which have more keywords in article post. Now the question is what is the keyword? Let’s understand an example of the keyword.

If you are a blogger and you are creating a blog post about health. Now you are giving name to your post something like this -> How to lose extra weight from body.

Now here your keywords “Extra weight” “weight” “weight from body” etc… now you have to use these words as many as time you can use in your post article. More you use keywords more your blog fly up on Google Search engine. But you also should keep in mind that your content needs to be well-written, it should be meaningful, otherwise, this technique won’t work for you. You must include at least 10 to 15 keywords per post.

Which keywords are most searched keywords on the internet?

Insurance, Loans, Mortgage, Attorney, Credit, Lawyer, Donate, Degree, Hosting, Claim, Conference, Call Trading, Software, Recovery, Transfers, Gas/Electricity, Classes Rehab, treatment, cord, blood.

If you create content on these subject with the max keyword, you will get more CPC because these above-listed topics are the most searched topics today in our internet planet.

What is the meaning of Good quality content in terms of SEO?

When you choose a subject and start creating the post, you must keep one thing in your mind that, Google Dad is smarter than you. If you copy any other’s creativity and if you use any kind of copyright material on your site your blog website will fall down in Google rank immediately.

Plus you won’t be able to show Google ads on your website blog. (Google AdSense is the biggest advertise provider for Bloggers, Adsense is like lifeline of blogger in modern era). Make sure that Content of your website blog is written in the meaningful language, with no grammar mistake, or very less grammatical mistakes. Point to point with paragraph and with bullet and numbering as were it required.

Do not use flashy, colorful text background, don’t use extra bold fonts and avoid inserting useless explanation in content. Long posts do well but only when it has more valuable information, with the good explanation.

What is SERP in terms of SEO?

The full Form of SERP is Search Engine Result Page. This is very simple but important SEO rule, if you go to your internet browser and type in any word in the search box, you will see that many related words will display below search box section. Those are the most searched words on the internet. You can get an idea about, what currently is the hot topic in the internet market. You can prepare next article post on that keyword related topic and gain more traffic for your blog website.

What Is Backlink In terms Of SEO and why it is so important for Good SEO?

When you left a comment on any other blog or website with your details like name, mail address, and Your Website Name, it creates a back link. It means when some other internet surfer reads and clicks on your comment (on your website Link) you get’s traffic. So in short, a backlink is a smart source of generating traffic from other blogs. And plus, Eunice Backlinks helps to improve website Rank on Google.

What Is a Page Rank In terms of SEO?

It is very simple to answer this question. Those pages will rank higher which has good quality content with max keywords and less grammatical mistakes. You also can insert internal links of the related article. Internal links will attract the reader to surf more pages, and when reader surf more pages of your website, you will have more chances of earning from your published displayed advertise.

Is it a good idea to Put others website link to my blog?

Yes, you must do that to improve your website traffic; you can deal with another website if they are interested in setting up exchange link. You can paste their link to your website blog and they can paste into their website link. This round cycle can help you both. So setting up exchange link is a good idea to increase visitors’ traffic. Eunice backlinks help to increase the value of your page on the search engine, and it will put your blog on higher rank on Google. This is the most important technique of developing your Blog’s SEO.

What Is Search Engine Marketing and How it is Important In terms of SEO?

If you are a businessman then you have to understand the rules of demand and supply. Here if you are a professional blogger, then you must learn what salable content on the internet is. If you put 500 long posts with good quality, but the subject of your content is the trend, then you will never gonna receive traffic on your website blog. So if you want to avoid that kind of crisis, you must learn about market nerves. And you must have to prepare content according to it. (SME – search engine marketing is one of the most important SEO factors).

What Is a Meta Tag and why it is so important In SEO?

This is the extremely important factor of SEO. If you don’t insert Meta Tag in your website HTML backhand area Below HEAD section, the search engine will never be able to get details about your blog content type, and other details about your blog website. Meta tag contains location, type, language detail, website owner details etc… I will explain more on Meta Tag in a separate article, but here I want to say that Meta Tag inserting in your Site’s coding section is extremely important.

What kind of content Google Hates And what Kind of Content Google Loves?

Your blog website will do well if you understand that what kind of content Google search engine loves to promote on the internet. What kind of content Google hates to include on their search list. How Google search engine works. What are the major reasons of low page rank? What is Google search engine optimization? SEO is the most important factor if you are a blogger.

What Is Robot.TXT and why it is Important in terms of SEO?

The short answer to this question is that Robot.TXT is not a file. It is a control Management of your blog on the search engine. You can control Your Content by Robot.TXT file. It allows you to include or exclude specific content from you blog.

But if you want to show you’re all content visible to your readers / visitors, then you must have to disable your Robot.TXT

Robot.TXT facility Provides hiding some personal posts and information from the search engine. But if you are new to blogging then it is highly advised to stay away from this fetcher. You should only use this fetcher after knowing everything about it.



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