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CDN is the most important tool for your blog website, if you are a professional blogger or website owner. Most of Newer blogger is not today familiar with this tool. Let’s learn how this tool works and what the benefits of using it.


What Is the Full Form of CDN (Content Delivery Network)?

The full form of CDN is Content Delivery Network

What Is CDN (Content Delivery Network)? And how it works?


CDN is a Geographical depressed server network. It is also known as an edge service. CDN Catches static content of your website like images, CSS/JS files, and structural components. This process makes page loading faster. And with faster website page loading, visitor enjoys best user experience with your website.

CDN (Content Delivery Network) servers are situated in different geographical places of our world. Whenever user searches your website or webpage on internet, CDN Will provides Content Service From nearest Server on the internet, so user reaches faster to your website. This CDN tool server saves extra time of loading and traveling of web pages. And when your visitors experience fast web surfing, they comes again and again to your website.

What is the use of CDN (Content Delivery Network)?

it helps to increase speed of your website. With the help of this tool your website loads faster, and visitors can reach your site quickly. When website page opens quickly then visitor spends more time on website. And when visitors spends more time on website, they surfs more WebPages of site. And when more pages gets surfed, and then website / blog owners earns more with more advertise clicks.

There are many Website Speed Checker Tools available in internet like…  Google Pages Speed, GT matrix Pingdom etc…

Why should I Use CDN Tool Facility?

Normally website owners & bloggers uses privet hosting services from popular companies like Bluehost, Bigrock, GoDaddy, HostGator etc… these companies maintains single place data center location servers, for data hosting.  And whenever any client / visitor searches your website, all the requests goes to that data center location.

When local or nearest visitors surfs your website, they can open your website quickly but when long distance visitors opens your website page they experience that your website loads very slow or shows unreachable, because of long distance server takes time to deliver files / data to visitor. This kind of ugly situation reduces your visitor counting. That is the reason why CDN (Content Delivery Network) comes in picture.


Without CDN – Content Delivery Network –

Whenever user tries to reach your website, request goes to your host’s configured / selected data center. And it will respond only from that selected server.

With CDN – Content Delivery Network –

whenever user tries to reach your website, request goes to geographically nearest data center. And nearest data center will provide data (webpage content) to visitor in seconds. In short, when data traveling distance reduces data reaches distention quickly.

More Tips and Explanation on CDN (Content Delivery Network)   

  • Cloud flare provides free CDN services and they also serve Paid CDN Services.
  • MAX CDN is good service provider in the market. It gives free services as well as paid service with extra fetchers.
  • It makes your website loading fast. Every user likes fast loading websites. Therefore CDN is Must for delivering good website user experience.
  • CDN helps website to run fast therefore it helps to increase your website rank on Google Index.
  • CDN helps to reduce bounce rate. If your website loads very slow then users move away from your website and this ugly situation increase bounce rate of your website. This is not good for your website reputation. So CDN can get rid of that problem and you can provide grate website user experience to your visitors.
  • When visitor experience good page speed on website, they spend more time on website. In that case your advertise gets more clicks. So indirectly, CDN helps to increase your website earnings.
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network) – have their servers at different geographical locations, so when your website receive big amount of visitor traffic, CDN service will distribute requests at nearest data servers of visitor’s location. That is why website can manage more amount of traffic without any problem. This is the best fetcher of CDN.

How to add a Website on Cloud Flare CDN, free CDN Service & paid CDN service

The process of adding website on CDN cloud Flare is very easy.


To add your website on Cloud Flare you have to logon to cloud flare CDN- Content Delivery Network official website. And then you have to add your website over there. You can find “add website” button on right hand side top menu area section of Cloud Flare website’s main screen. Carefully type your website name in that area, without making any spelling mistake. And then press Began scan.


Now you will be asked to provide your website’s DNS(domain name server) records. You can find your DNS records and AAAA records and CNAME records from your domain provider account. If you don’t have knowledge of finding DNS records and AAAA records and CNAME records, then you can send mail to your domain providing company. They will help you with finding these important details.


After inserting DNS records and AAAA records and CNAME records you have to select a CDN plan. You can select free or paid CDN service. If you are beginner blogger or website owner, then we advise you to choose free service of Cloud flare CDN. And when you feel that I am happy with services then you can go for paid CDN services. At the end press continue.


Now you need to replace & Update new name servers of Cloud Flare with old name servers of your current domain. You can find Name servers detail at your domain control panel under Name servers tab. Next you have to press continue tab, and save details. And then wait till 3 to 5 hours to take new name servers effect. During this 3 to 5 hour time your website may not work properly, but don’t worry everything will work fine after that process time.   “That is all”

More – I hope you liked article. And feel free to left comment below comment section, if you have some more details about CDN (Content Delivery Network). Thanks for reading full article.




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