How to set Custom Redirect on Blogger Blog

Blogger Platform Allows to set Custom display page inserted of dashboard. This is very easy to perform trick. Anybody with basic blogging knowledge can perform this task. Sometimes blogger wish to promote specific page of website; In order to do that Blogger need to set that particular page as blog website home page. So learn how to set any page of our website as a home page. This process is known as Custom redirect.

Process of Setting up a Custom redirect Home page


First of all you need to go to your Blog’s control panel; means just go to or


Now just open your Blog’s dashboard overview. This screen will display your blog page vies traffic source and some other details of your blog.


Now you need to scroll down and find “settings” Tab from left pan. Just open settings.


Under settings you will find 1-basic 2-post comments and sharing 3-language and formatting 4-search preferences 5-others


Now you have to just Choose (4) “search preference” from those five options. Open that tab.

Custom redirect blogger


Now you have to Choose “custom Redirects” open that Tab. You will see above displayed Screen. Now in the first raw in “From”– Text Box,   you need to put slash “/”  (remember – don’t need to put “” double inverted coma).


After that, “To” – Text Box,   you have to put your page address without website URL. (Remember- your page address must be start with “/” ) below I have given an example of page address.

Page address example


(Note- as you can see above page address example, that I started it with “/” and the page didn’t have website URL Like so you also should have to do the same.  (put Page Address without website name).


Custom Redirect Blogger


Finally after pasting page address in the “To” text box, you have to press Save Changes Tab. That is all. You are done. This is how anyone can setup custom redirect in blog.



This custom redirect process is very useful trick and it is easy to setup.  Whenever you wish to remove it, you can easily delete Custom redirect setup from settings. Normally bloggers make this kind of setup to get more traffic on a specific blog page. Also this is an effective way of getting traffic to newly published article.


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