How to Take a ScreenShot Image for post

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Hello Friends, here in this tutorial I am going to teach the simple process of capturing a live screen shot and editing that image in paint. If you are a new blogger then you must read this small post. Because blogger always needs to download, edit, and upload content related images to their blog posts.

Process of Taking a Screenshot, editing, and Uploading


First of all, you need to go to your web browser and search for the desired image. Then after you will see some options like… view image, save the image, etc. just click on view image.  (Screenshot)


After opening image page, you need to press “FN and Insert / PRT SC “. This will copy the whole screen for you. Now minimize the page and open paint software from your start menu bar. After opening paint take a new page over there, and press “Control and V” at the same time. You can also paste copied content by pressing right click and paste. This will open that copied image at your paint page. (Screenshot)

screen shot



You can see above image screen shot, it has some extra useless space on right-hand side area. Now suppose if you want to use only this image with some creatively inserted text. Then you need to follow some simple steps. First of all, you have to make a single click on “select” I already highlighted that tab with the first red square on top of the serene shot. (Screenshot)


Now you need to press right click and at the same time, you need to drag cursor pointer till the end of the image. Or till to your desired image area. Now after selecting the image you need to press “crop” tab. This tab is situated above resize and rotate tab. I also highlighted it at, above screen shot first red box. (Screenshot)


Now you will see that extra white space will be disappeared from your image. And suppose if you want to add some text to your image, then you have to select “A”   Tab. This tab is available at the right-hand side of Crop Tab. Just make a single click on it and then go to the image place where you wish to write text. Make a click. This will display text box. You can write and save your text over there. (Screenshot)


After doing all the changes, you can save the image to your system by pressing control and A key at the same time. Now you have to your internet browser and just need to open your WordPress Control panel. Then go to post section of WordPress and press the “Media” Tab. You will be guided to use images from the directory or upload the image section of WordPress Dialog box. Choose upload image tab. (Screenshot)


Now WordPress will open window of your computer system. you can find the desktop tab from left menu tree of your computer screen. Next, you need to select the image file, which we have saved earlier. Then you need to press upload Tab. Within the blink of your eyes, your image will be uploaded to your word press image directory. Now you need to “add the image to post” and save the changes. (Screenshot)


Downloading, Editing, and uploading modified image to WordPress Blog is an extremely simple task to perform, but still I created this post so newer / beginner blogger can also learn this important task. I know it’s simple but still important because every blogger needs this task to perform almost every time when they publish a post with a suitable image in it. I hope you all liked my effort to help beginner bloggers. Thanks for reading the full post. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you liked the post. (Screenshot)



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