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Travel agent business is very easy to setup and profitable work. This is the most frequent question people ask that how to become a travel agent. Well, there is no rocket science to start a travel agency, but still, you need to prepare some important aspects of this lucrative business.

Making good money from home is a kind of dream job and the internet made it possible. Travel agency uses to monopolize Airline bookings, hotel bookings, and other travel related facilitates for their clients. Most of the airline companies sold air ticket through their linked travel agents.

Home base travel agent

The Travel agent earns some fix commission on each ticket sold. In the evaluation of the internet, most of the transport companies also sell tickets directly to the customer through the internet. This solid idea eliminated big booking companies from the business.

The internet changes the game of Travel business. With the help of internet and telephone, anybody can start this business. Now let’s go through the basic steps to get in the business of Travel agency.

Easy Steps to Becoming a Home Base Travel  

  • The primary requirement of any business is the focus. Just ask yourself what you want? Sometimes we don’t know what are our likings and what work suits batter. So take some time, think hard then jump into any suitable business.
  • When you feel that travel agency business is the one business that you want to do, you have to start collecting all useful information about that field like travel agency business license, working desk, good speed internet, client database, some required stationary, connection with current home base travel agents, your competitors, client base, popular products, business session, off session etc…


  • Don’t fluctuate after taking the decision of becoming a travel agent. Remember that different people will express their opinion on your decision of becoming a travel agent, you may get demoralize you may find troubles in solving business issues, but do not change the field, do not lose hope, keep in mind that there is not any soil on mother earth for coward runners. So respect your decision end fight till judgment day.
  • Deal with best in a business; remember that new service provider companies, new hotels, new transport companies will give you lucrative commission offers to gain more clients, But if you compromise comfort and trust of your clients, you can’t build a successful relationship with your clients. The golden advice in this situation is, always take your costumer’s side. Don’t promise what you can’t deliver. Make sure service Provider Company deliver the same service which they promised in browser and agreement. (Note- Stay away from cheap and unknown service providers, do not invest big amount in new companies.)


  • Your client knows you, they don’t know service provider. So as a travel agent, it’s your duty to take care of the given product to your client. Remember that satisfied client can bring you 10 more new clients, and a dissatisfied client can take away 100 clients from your business.
  • Taking a good travel course before starting travel business agency is a good idea. Experts can provide great information and they can teach useful skills. This can be good preparation before jumping into the real business.
  • Learn different things like, communicating with different people, surfing the internet, managing database, maintaining billings, developing relations with other related business persons etc. in short, the world is changing every minute, you have to match the footsteps, if you wish to run your business successfully.


  • Always treat your client with polite manners; good manners can add a charm to your business. Always take a follow-up, don’t shy to make a call, go out and talk to people, expand your circle, promote your business and gain success.
  • Try to balance client’s requirements and service providers’ requirements. Always try making win-win deals, so both parties can be happy. Give priority to your client’s requirements but at the same time, you also have to follow rules and guidelines of service providers.
  • You can start this business part-time, and when you built some good regular client base then you can go for full time, Best wishes for travel agent business.        

Some extremely important questions and their solutions

What does a travel agent do?

This is the most important and basic question for a person who willing to start this work. Simply the answer of this question is that a travel agent books airline ticket, railway ticket, Hotel room bookings, tourist spot travel arrangement, tour and vacations, and cruises ticket booking for passengers etc.

Why a client need Travel agent services?

Although anyone can book tickets online with the help of internet but it requires basic knowledge of internet and product market rate. The client can find the best deal on the internet themselves, but still, an experienced agent can give batter deal.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of working from home?

This is very important and tricky question, working from the comfort of home can give you lot’s of advantages, like no office rent, freedom from traveling and spending on it, but at the same time it also can be harmful and disadvantage able. Means you can become easily careless, due to no office expense and travel expenses you might become rusty and lezzy, this can leave you behind in the business competition. Plus sometimes family problems and other home issues can distract business concentration. In short, there are several advantages of starting a business from home, but at the same time, it can also bring some small issues with travel agent business.

Can I earn thousands buck from home base travel agent business at starting?

There is not any magic stick in travel business; you have to toil hard to earn each and every single penny. Starting a business is a bit hard job, running a successful business is a harder job. There are countless aspects of running a business, like marketing, advertising, fund organizing, market trend reading, financing, debt collecting, client counseling, service providing, dealing with client’s requirement, matching footsteps with service providers etc…

Stay positive but don’t become day dreamer

I am not saying that this all task can’t be done by one person, but it takes some time to get perfection in it, and earning a big money takes lots of efforts and dedication. Therefore you can’t dream making thousands $$$ earnings at the start-up of your travel agent business. the Batter you serve more you earn, that is the golden rule of any successful business, and patience is the key to becoming successful.

Be shameless and become successful business person       

If you want to have good bath, you have to remove your clothes, you can’t be shy, same way here in travel agency business you have to be shameless and talk about your business, ask neighbors, ask relatives, call to clients make advertisement, communicate with rivals, ask feedback from your clients and make your business your passion.

Be ready for boxing punches and built never-give-up attitude

Remember that whatever profession you choose; you will face neck to neck tuff competition. Your competitor won’t allow you to run business easily. Defiantly you will face tuff competition but as your experience grows, you can gain more success and make more money in travel agency business or in any field. Keep learning and keep digging, this killer attitude will zoom up your career.

Throw your watch in the dustbin

Starting up a travel agency is very easy, but taking your business to a high level is another subject. There are many people who dream big money but they keep looking at their working hours and wait for lunch breaks, wait for finishing working hours and wait for weekends to have some off time.

Let me tell you this kind of attitude can’t take you anywhere near success. You have to work tirelessly, days and night, without caring other joy and comfort; you must have to fall in love with your work. This is the only way of becoming “big” and “successful”. In short, don’t measure work with clock, keep learning and keep rolling.

Hold your foundation and swim in one direction

Suppose if you started Travel agency, you may earn $ 1 in the first month. You may make $ 100 loss in the second month. You may find difficulty in running your travel agency software, you may get insulted by some professional companies, you may demoralize by your family, friends or relatives, but still you can win the success race if you don’t give up,

You can’t change business like clothes, so hold your foundation and keep learning the business, if you are a travel agent then read articles about successful travel agents, communicate with different service provider companies, give away free advice to needy clients. Repair errors and try to become perfectionist. And then see the success result.


Internet articles can give you ideas and information about the new business, but about the actual situation of the local market, travel products, and competition you need to study yourself. A new business can take some time to become successful; it will require countless hours work and brave efforts, you should start travel agency business only if you are ready to accept these challenges – Best luck.

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