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Hello, friends, in this article I want to explain about some of the real ways of earn money. If you make a search on Google for online Income, you can find millions of article about making online money. But 99% of them are filled with fake or misguided details. I am saying this with confidence because I experienced it in the past.

Fraud scammers & schemers who disguised you with lucrative earning schemes (Note- not all of them but most of them)  

If I tell you about online learning subject, it becomes a joke on the internet. Many websites claim to provide genuine work to registered users. And when you make a registration they just sold your personal details to other website or company, so they can jam your mailbox with their product offers.

There are many idiotic websites runs on the internet who claims to give you regular data entry work, if you purchase some membership plan from them. And when you pay them your hard earn money as an advance security deposit. They start finding faults in your work and finally you ended up with leaving that company, with the loss of your deposits.

I also heard one online work called, captcha typing job. Now let me know who earns their living by doing this captcha typing work. One more online job is filling / taking online surveys. Yes, companies want to know about consumers’ choice. I can understand that theory. “But earn $100 by taking 5-minute survey…?” really??? This kind of advertises on the internet makes me really sick.

Stock trading, investment scams, captcha jobs, surveys, advertise reading, advertise click, gameplay, and win, quiz contest, loan scheme, register and earn. Fifer and earn, you can’t imagine the list is longer than China wall….

I am not saying that they all are fraud and schemes, but the max of them are, so there for, you must have to understand that if you are looking to make some real money you have to act extremely smart when you choose a work provider on internet world.

Here below I am giving some useful tips to choose some real internet work that pays real money.


Important Tips when you search for making online money


  • Before you apply any online money making scheme, on any website, you must check the reliability of that website. You can Google it by typing in search box… ex- s review website is legit or fraud something like that. This is the most important step before going ahead. Then after going to and check the rank of that website. This is the best way of checking the reliability of a website. (Google is the world no. 1 rank website).
  • Now if you satisfied with the reputation of the website. Then make a registration on the website if they ask for. Then after read disclaimer and privacy policy of that website.
  • You should check products and programs what they offering to you for making money online. It is highly advised that never choose advance deposit plan. Remember one thing, if any company offers legit / genuine work, then they will not ask for advance cash from their poor workers. This point will clear the intention of online work Provider website Company.
  • When you choose an online job, do not choose it by its payout scale. Because if your work won’t give you pleasure, then you will be bored very soon. So choose only the work, that gives you pleasure. The money will follow after because perfection is the key to success.
  • Contact new websites directly and avoid third party middleman websites like elance, free lancer, upwork, true cancer, iwriter, etc… first point is that they hide contact details so they can earn a share of your hard work. Second, there is very tough competition on project dashboard. If one client posts the project, then fifty freelancer bids for that project and you ends up with disappointment. And if you bid the lowest bit over there, then you earn very low reward. So that’s why it’s not a good idea to take services of these work provider websites.

How to Start Work Online – Risk-Free and Effective Tips For making money online – Follow all Tips and see the results : Earn Online Money  


*** suppose if you are a freelance content writer ***

  • New websites always look for freelancers, who can provide them valuable content. If you are a skillful content provider or you can work online according to their requirement then newly websites will hire you directly.
  • Before jump into online money making business, you must sharpen your skills, so you get batter response when you approach your client website.
  • If you want to make a good impression on your client then you should prepare demo work file and show it to your client. So they can measure the quality of your work.
  • Before you approach any website for work, you must learn basic E-mail letter writing. Remember one thing. The presentation is everything. It doesn’t matter how you are good at your skills, if you don’t know how to approach clients and how to convince them for giving work to you, then you can’t get work from them.
  • Online money making is like fishing. Some days you get work some days you can’t get. So you must have to stand by other earning source.
  • If you get the response from your client. And if they order some work. You must understand the needs of them. I am not saying here that old rubbed sentence that…. “ the First imprecation is last imprecation” something like that… but if you understand requirement and needs of your client then you can succeed faster with your online money making mission.
  • If you want to survive at online market. You must learn to listen. Here I want to say that… when you send your created work to your client. Your client will send feedback to you; after all, they are the one who is paying for your work. It doesn’t matter where there you are right or wrong, but if you don’t learn to hear to your client’s voice, then they will go away and you will lose your business.
  • Always give repair work service to your clients. For example- if you are doing article writing work for some website. And you send some articles to your client website. If they don’t satisfied with your work, then you must re-edit your work and send it back to them.
  • This technique is defiantly time-consuming and costly but if you want to survive and succeed at online money making, or data content providing business, then you must have to maintain a good relationship with your client websites, and you have to provide them quality services.
  • It’s batter to be pupil than being a master. Means… when you adapt nature of learning, then people will start liking you. You will grow your knowledge and be able to make use of it. But if you fill your heart and mind with greed, then your growth will get stopped.
  • Stay connoted with your rivals, for example, if you are a freelance writer, then you must stay in touch with at least five freelance writers. This habit will help you to find more work and latest trends of the industry.
  • Have patience, online money making is not a joke. It takes lots and lots out of you. Some days you get work some days you don’t. You should stay strong and keep hammering on and on. Consistency is the key to success when you are at online money making job.
  • Invest your income for bad days. This is the most important point you have to take note of it. If you are a freelancer then some days you earn big money, but some days you can’t earn a $. So “when rain falls you must preserve water”
  • Nowadays many bloggers earn good amount of money. So if you are good at writing you can start a blog website. And apply for Google advertise or some affiliate products. You can earn revenue from different sources if you can produce some high-quality content. So making a website blog can be a good investment back up plan when you are doing freelance writing job for others.
  • If you are doing work as a content writer. Or online data executive. You must ask your client for weekly payout or half month payout. You can demand to pay out on decided threshold also. Like payout at $1000 USD etc., this is most important. Because sometimes some clients, delays payment or skips or dumps writers / workers. So it is wise to demand payment in advance or weekly.


Here above I gave an example of only content writing online work, but these rules and tips are almost same when you join any kind of online money making business. My best wishes for your online money making work. And feel free to add comments if you have more knowledge on online money making topic. – Thanks for the reading article.

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