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In the Modern days, social media plays a huge role in the success of any website. Most popular social network websites are capable of sending huge traffic to a website. So let’s learn how to gain huge traffic from Pinterest social network site and become a successful blogger.

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Simple Steps to getting success with the help of Pinterest Website


First of all, you need to setup your own Pinterest account, by filling up your basic personal details on the Pinterest website. It will ask for your full name, mail address, and some other simple details.


Now just set up an attractive profile picture, and write some introduction data on your home page, so people on Pinterest can get an idea about yourself. This is similar to other social network sign up / setup process, it’s just like Facebook, tweeter, and other social sites.


Now you need to search for your niche related topics on Pinterest Search option. For example, I am a writer / blogger, so I need to search for blogging and writing the topic. You can search for your niche related topic.



Now, you can Press on Pinner’s button, to find or search for other Pinterest accounts, related your blog niche. When you press Pinners Tab, you will find lots of related interest accounts. Now remember that more followers the account have, that account is more valuable. So find out and follow rich & highly followed quality Pinterest accounts.



When you follow the Same niche related Pinterest accounts, most of them will follow you back, because they are also interested in that same particular niche. You can follow 300 Pinterest account at a time, so just start the process and built-up your social group.


If you do this simple process of building up your Pinterest circle, you will have some good real organic followers out of all. Remember that regularity is the key. You can’t behave like dead-duck and hope for a miracle. Every time you post content to your website, make sure you put a big fat, attractive image to it, and then after just pin that image to your Pinterest account. Make sure that your pinned image has Link to your web page, where you wish to have some good traffic.



Pinned image can explain details about your website article stuff, but still, you have to write some description under your pinned image, so your followers can actually understand batter, about your blog or web page.

Conclusion –

Whenever your connection re-pin your pinned image, you earn one extra backlink, and your page links apiaries in their dashboard also. So this is how you can gain large traffic to your blog site. Suppose if you pinned one image with link and your 50 connection repinned it, then your stuff will be live on 50 dashboards, means you have 50 genuine backlinks.

Pinterest is the fastest growing social network site, if you are connected with Fashion, cooking or health etc… then you can get huge benefits from Pinterest because these are the most popular niche on Pinterest today’s time. Gain more Pinterest followers and gain more traffic, & more traffic means more $$$.

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