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Today even a 5-year-old kid knows that visitor traffic is the main food for a website blog. Good hard earning reports of successful websites can motivate you for starting a blog, but they can’t give you an idea of Bringing traffic to your blog site. Believe me, if you read this little post carefully, you will learn the art of bringing up good solid traffic to your web blog.

Now suppose that you have already created a blog on the internet. You already share your blog content on social media websites. And you also are taking good care of your website SEO. But, still, you are not getting good visitor traffic to your web blog. Visitor still not are commenting on your blog, they still not sharing your stuff. Means somewhere you are going totally wrong.


What is the actual problem of a Good quality website’s low visitor traffic?

Remember, making a good stuff is not enough. If you want to create salable content, it should be well presented. Just choosing a high demand Niche is not worthy, just preparing good quality article is not worthy. You have to decorate it with some small paragraph, bold and italic fonts, headings and subheadings, quality images, alt tags, image and text links. But if after doing all this, still, you are getting low traffic? Well, just read next below paragraph. Your problem will get disappeared within the blinks of your eyes.

Most important part of this article – Choosing a Good Profitable Niche

100 out of 99 bloggers follows successful bloggers and gets fail. This is the reality of the blogging world. If some top class blogger making a thousand bucks, let’s write on that niche. If some blogger getting million page views a month lets copy his Theme. Believe me, this is the worst and damaging way of blogging. No one can be successful by following this dumb and stupid theory. I am keeping this point half, see the next below point you will get all important magical answer of becoming successful.

How to Find Low Competition Profitable Niche?

Finding Low-quality niche is very easy. First of all, you need to prepare 50 to 100 most demanding topics list. Search every topic on Google search. Count displayed results. And identify “less displayed result topic niche” and start writing about it.

For example insurance word has 50 million results and cannabis has 20 million results, and fitness has 10 million results, Then Just fitness is the niche for you. Start developing some high-quality articles on it, just publish them, and get a flood of visitor traffic on your blog.

Correct Way of Blogging – a Magic Trick That Will Bring Tons and Tons of Visitor Traffic to Your Blog

If you are not getting good visitor visitor traffic to your blog, take a good hard look at your blog niche. Understand what you are writing. Think about your competition. Calculate your competitors. And then ask yourself, are you writing right niche?


I know that above paragraph seems a bit hard to understand. Let me explain it with one simple example.

Example- (Important example)

Suppose that you are having a blog. Now you will Google for most demanding Niche and profitable keywords so you can get best visitor traffic to your blog. Assume that you find insurance word high paying keyword and most demanding topic on the internet.

Now you work day and night, hours and hours, and created a high-quality master peace article. But somehow still you are getting a low visitor traffic.

In spite of creating a super duper content post, you are not getting what you deserved. If you are facing this kind of trouble then see the search result quantity.

Here you created Insurance related post, and at the same time, other thousands of bloggers also have created top quality Eunice insurance topic related post.

Now you are having 2 years old domain, you are blogging for the last couple of years, you are preparing articles on your own, you are promoting your content stuff at your own,,, and,,, and,,, and,,,

Some of the internet bloggers are blogging since decades, some blogger has a fully qualified proofreading team, some blogger haves skillful promotion campaigning team. And they all produce master peace content same as you did.

Now you tell,,, who will take the first spot on Google search page?

Defiantly Google will put older trusted domain holder’s blog post ahead your content post. Google will give priority to batter promoted content. Google will give top spot which content has no or almost little grammatical mistakes. Google bots scan good quality backlinks and more talked & shared content and put that trusted content on the first page.

 visitor traffic magic

It means now Blogger has no hope? No solution?  

Yes, they have. Still, new bloggers can bring tons and tons of visitor traffic to their blog. Above point is just showing reality check. If any blogger wants to have a flood of organic visitor traffic, they should choose low competition and high demand niche topic.

The above example said that Insurance topic is high paying keyword and most demanding subject on the internet. Therefore lot’s and lot’s bloggers are writing about it, some of them are extremely good and experienced at his work. If you go for that insurance niche you have to face tough competition. It is simple as that.


If you want to be successful with less effort then go for a low competition niche. Search a demanding topic in the Google search. And if you find fewer results, means there is a huge scope of development. Start writing quality content on that topic.                                

I promise you that, within some days your content posts will start swimming on the first page of Google. And when a post displays on the first page of Google search, you will get a flood of organic visitor traffic to your blog post.


Conclusion –

This article is not saying that you can’t earn good traffic and revenue by writing on high demand topics. The message is very simple that you have to be patience if you wish to gain traffic & revenue from high paying niche.

It takes some time to become popular. And if you work on low competition niche, Google will love it, and promote that stuff at high rank.

This magical trick can bring your content at Google search first page, but if you wish to be on the first page for a long time, you have to keep writing and developing that low competition niche. This is how you can gain authority on that low competition niche. – Thanks for reading the full post.

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