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Web hosting is extremely important part of internet work today. The simple answer to this question is that web hosting is the place where all the text files, media files, theme, software and other stuff get stores. Web hosting is a service that provided by the companies worldwide. These kinds of companies provide online space to webmaster / web owners. This stuff also called data centers. Website owner buys storage space from hosting providers and makes data available 24*7 and 365 days available to worldwide visitors.

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How to set Blog or a website after buying web hosting plan

Web hosting service is very easy to buy. Anyone can easily buy it online. Setting up a website is very easy. Once you buy a hosting plan, you can upload software & theme within a blink of your eyes. If you are looking to set Blogging website then WordPress blogging software is the best option in current time. There are several free and paid themes available on the internet. You can select theme design according to your choice.

When you complete software uploading and theme setup, you can start publishing article post, or uploading media files, your hosting provider will give you a password and username to upload your data and other files. Plus web hosting companies also provides SEO (search engine optimizing) and complete website setup packages. For additional services, they charge extra money.


Shared Web hosting Vs Privet Web Hosting

This is a very important point to take care of; simply a beginner blogger should go for a Shared hosting plan. It’s chip in price competitively Privet hosting. But when you start receiving the good amount of traffic from search engine, and when you start making good money from your website, then you can go for Privet hosting. In the shared hosting there can be 100 or more website hosted on it, so sometimes you may find difficulty in Uptime of the website, or Request handle, due to high traffic on the same server.


But at the same time if your blog website is hosted on privet hosting then the quality of web experience goes high, and your website can perform far batter than shared hosting. The conclusion of this point is, you can begin blogging with shared hosting (it is quite ok for beginners and medium range bloggers). And when you start to generate good revenue from the website, and then you can jump to Privet posting. Remember that do not by cheap and unknown web hosting plan, a good quality shared hosting is plan is far better than cheap quality privet hosting.


How to get Best Web Hosting Plan

This is a tricky question because I researched that some people say blue host is the best, some says Hostgator is giving best service. If any new blogger thinking about buying a hosting plan, then they should take advice from same Niche bloggers who actually using web hosting from Bluehost or Hostgator, and make sure you are not buying long term Hosting plan, because somehow if you don’t satisfied with one’s web hosting service then you may want to change hosting plan or hosting company with other hosting provider.


Blogging is a very fruitful career option. It is not an easy job for lezzy people. But if anyone bound to work hard & tirelessly then this is an amazing career option. I wish all the best to beginner bloggers, current successful bloggers and others. – Thanks for reading full post – stay connected. And don’t forget to leave a comment.

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