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bounce-rate“Bounce Rate”


Many new bloggers don’t know that, what bounce rate of a website is. High bounce rate costs low traffic to a website. And a low bounce rate of the website indicates that visitors / users liking the website, and they spending more time on that particular website. There can be many reasons for costing a high bounce rate to your website. If you want to deliver a good user experience to your website visitors then you must control your website’s Bounce rate.

Any Blog when to receive visitors from search engines, social sites, or from any other source, among those visitors some stays for a long time, some stays for a little time, some moves away immediately. Bounce rate is the counted percentage of those visitors who comes to your website and goes away without surfing any of your pages.

What is an ideal bounce rate of a website blog?

Every blogger aims to attract the audience. Attractive website outlook and quality content bring more traffic to the website. Your website should be that much attractive that your visitor surf at least 4 to 5 pages of your website. Remember that when your visitor haves good user experience at your website; they also refers your website to others also. Normally your website bounce rate should be under 30 to 35% mark. If your website has higher bounce rate than this level, then you must have to take some serious actions to reduce it quickly.


How to Reduce bounce rate of a website blog?

  • You can make your website colorful and attractive with the use of multimedia like, images, videos, audios, etc. but do not overuse it, if you do then it can slow down your web page loading. And also, it distracts users from content reading. That is the reason why you must have to use multimedia very smartly.


  • Website design should be simple and attractive with a clear sitemap. Never use heavy colors to your website theme. Always use a white background for your text content, it is ideal background. Avoid annoying pop-up advertisements.


  • Make sure you are delivering quality content. You must have to publish useful content to your audience. And your content should be written in simple language if you want to engage the large audience to your content. You should use heading, subheading, bullet & numbering and other required formatting tools smartly.


  • You should use interlinking method for keeping your visitors on your website for a long time. If you set interlinks then your visitor surfs more pages and when it happens you earns more page views, simple as that.


  • Make sure you have clear navigation menus and clear sitemap on your website. Sometimes visitor goes away if they don’t find the stuff which one they looking for.


  • Make sure you are using a mobile friendly template on your blog website. It is most important if you want to have mobile user visitors on your site. Remember that 70% internet users among all internet users are using mobiles to surf the internet. If you don’t use mobile friendly theme template then your website bounce rate will increase, and it‘s not good for your website.


  • Do not write and publish a small post or extra large post. Remember that small post can’t describe or explain topic nicely, and large posts sometimes can be annoying to readers. So that’s why you should write 500 to 1000 words articles according to the requirement of a topic. This is the most important factor to control bounce rate of your website.


  • Choose post title very smartly. If you want to promote your website post quickly then you must have to choose most searched keywords in your post title. Because good post heading trailer attracts the audience. Make sure that your website post title indicates about your written content inside the full post.


  • Use your first paragraph like post sitemap. This is an extremely important factor regarding reducing bounce rate of a website. When a user reads the first paragraph of your blog post, user mimes what is coming next. If the user doesn’t find first paragraph interesting enough, then the user will move away for sure, it doesn’t matter how valuable useful words you have written in the midsection or at bottom section.


  • Answer your visitor’s comments regularly. This is very important. It makes your blog alive. People love to give their comment on any creativity. And when you respond to them, it ties your strong bond and relation with your audience.


  • Do not create many categories; it can confuse your visitors. Always set fewer categories and publish quality content posts. If you follow this strategy then It will reduce bounce rate of your blog website.


  • Fewer web pages and little bit content is the biggest reason for high bounce rate. When a user doesn’t find enough choices, a user moves always quickly from your website. And your website bounce rate goes high. Therefore, you must publish content regularly on your website.


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