What is Web server – Types of Server – Basic identification of server

Server is the most common word that we used to hear on internet. sometime we also here from bank executives that server is down please come after some time, or when we try to fill-up exam forms online we find it difficult due to heavy load on some government website due to high traffic just because server can’t handle such amount of user / client requests at a same time.


What is the Definition of server?

It is a kind of computer or a hardware device from where data get’s load. server computer provides facility for client / users computer over the internet to access and download data via internet. When users search some videos, txt files or any kind of data via web browser, server computer process and output that request to the user.

How server works?

Let’s assume that a user want to download a video from website YouTube. Now user can search the video by writing video description and name in YouTube search box. As soon as user type details in search box, user request goes to YouTube server and YouTube server delivers desired results to User via internet. This is how Internet server works.


How many types of server there are?

There are main three types of servers.

(1) Web servers (2) E-Mail servers (3) File Server

* Web servers

Web server stores all the data information. It is connected to web browsers. Whenever user makes a request, web server searches suitable results and provides it to user via web browser.

*E-Mail servers

This kind of server used to send and receive Email messages over the internet. E-mail server stores user information details, and other important details. Whenever a user writes E-mail and press send button, E-mail server sends request to SMTP protocol and via it receiver get’s that mail.


*File Server

This kind of server provides facility to send and receive and store files. With the help of file server users can manage files within the local network




Big companies, social network sites, banking organizations, etc… keeps and manage their own servers where they stores all the valuable data files. This is the basic information of server. I hope readers find this article useful and interesting.



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