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Good News for all whatsapp users. Whatsapp has launched desktop app version. So now this application is also available on windows and Mac computer systems. Previously it were only supported on android systems. Whatsapp is the most common used application around the world.

desktop version can be used only with windows and after coming / released windows OS. It means whatsapp desktop app won’t work with older OS like XP or any other previous versions. And if you looking to install desktop version with Mac operating system then your Mac OS version should be at least 10.9 or higher.

Desktop version started from 10th may, 2016. User can download desktop application from whatsapp’s official website whatsapp.com & to perform download over there, you need to look for whatsapp.com/downloads.


User can use desktop version app, just like they using android mobile app. All the fetchers are same as mobile version. And plus authority added that users can use desktop application from anywhere around the world.

More On Whatsapp

this application has great fetchers like instant photo sharing, file sharing, video sharing, ID sharing, voice calling, and I think sooner or later it will start video calling facility too. Launching desktop version is the best move compay done, it will increase popularity of the app.

there are many other social sharing application available in the app market. but none of them popular as whatsapp. you can download this app from many popular app store. if you have any query about this application then fell free to left a comment below, we will try to solve it.

Facebook owner bought whatsapp application some times ago. science then many changes and improvement happened to this application. let’s see desktop version how works.

Thanks for reading full post. If you have any extra knowledge about whatsapp desktop app. Then fell free to left a comment in comment area section. read the related post also. link is down below.



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