Why New Blogger Fails to Earn Money

blogging-mistakes“Earn Money”

This is the most common question people ask, that why new blogger fails to earn money. People read success stories of successful bloggers and starts blogging to join the party. Let me tell you friends, make money from blogging is not that easy for everyone. It requires lot’s of effort in creating Eunice content and basic knowledge of managing website blog. But at the same time I would like to add that nothing is impossible if you are determine to achieve your goal. If you start waking you will reach the destination sooner or later. Here in this post I am going to point out the major reasons of why new blogger fails to earn money from their blog website.

If you want to earn money from your blog then avoid these mistakes

1 Not Taking Blogging as serious business

If you want to make a successful blog and wish to earn regular money from it, then you have to take it as a serious business. Nothing comes free on this planet. You can’t think that your blog will automatically become famous and you start earning. Today there is competition in every field. if you want to stand tall in crowd then you have to make serious effort for your blog.

Whenever you post any kind of content to your website you must read not once, not twice but thrice before publishing it. Some blogger thinks that who’s gonna ask if there is some error. Make sure you don’t make this foolish mistake.

Your audience will not re visit your blog if they find your stuff useless. They will avoid your website if you left lots of error on your content. you must take care of every aspect of your blog, like… outlook, design, widgets, header, footer, sitemap, pages, navigation, SEO, social marketing, promoting, comment responding, logo, sitemap, page load speed, broken links and more…

Keep in mind that if you don’t take your blogging business seriously, your blogging business will never give you success for long time. You can Earn money if you work seriously and regularly in your blog.

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2 Not investing money to blog

There are many people in this world who want to gain everything for free. They dreams about getting quality things and services for free. For example… website hosting free, website domain name free, quality content free, troubleshoots support free Useful software free,

Most people have this kind of mentality. You can’t have everything for free. You have to invest something to buy useful stuff, because it requires time and effort to create useful stuffs. And seller won’t give you their valuable art for free. When you have free software and services you get limited rights on that product.

For example Blogger gives 15 GB to every blogger for hosting their files, and they reserves/ intact every right to delete your blog or content from their servers, if they find your content against their policy they will remove your whole website blog without giving you a single warning.

But at the other side, if you buy privet hosting from Privet companies then you own total control over the content of your website. This is the difference between paid service and free service.

Here I am not suggesting that spend money on everything like… paid hosting, paid custom domain, premium theme, hire SEO technician, appoint promoting executives, but you must start invest in your blog slowly. Gain more experience earn some and invest back some, this is the right way to get success in blogging.

You can start with free platform blogging, but when you reach certain amount of audience and start earning money from your blog, and then you must move to batter service. It will give professional touch to your blog; you will get reward of your expenses very quickly. If you want to earn money you have to spend some money.

3 Avoiding content marketing

We are living in the fast growing and competitive world. If one Eunice subject comes to market, thousands and millions blogger starts covering that particular topic. If you don’t market / promote your content smartly then you will not get deserved reward form it.

It is extremely important to promote and share your content to your audience in a smart way. Your valuable content is worthy only if it reaches to big audience. Many blogger says that it takes 10 to 30% effort in creating good content. But it takes 70% effort to market / promote it. So if you want to earn money and earn regularly you must have to learn promoting content.

You can promote your content at Facebook, twitter, digg, pintrest, email, whatsapp, hike, blogger forums, at other blog’s comment area, on television ads, by printed t-shirts, by setting up exchange links, leaving back links to other blog etc. there is countless ways of promoting your blog.

4 Avoiding affiliate marketing     

Many people make this major mistake. If you are a blogger and you want to make good amount of money from your blog website. Then you cannot avoid affiliate marketing. Nowadays almost every big company provides affiliate account to users.

You can register a free affiliate account and attach it with your blog. It is equality simple as pasting adds codes to your blog. Affiliate website pays commission on every sale which generates through your website affiliate link. You can choose affiliate product according to your blog niche.

For example if you are writing on technology then you can display products like pen drive, computers, hard disk, ear phone, mobile, batteries, speakers, etc… and if you are story writer then you can display books.

And if you are posting health related content on your blog, then you can display cosmetic items and herbal medicines, ayurvedik products etc… and if you are a fashion related blogger then you can add cloth, footwear, fashion etc… stuffs

When you display content related goods link, your sales grows big time. This is the troth of human mind physiology. So make sure you displaying right product at your blog. So if you want to make good amount of money with your blog, then don’t avoid affiliate marketing, it is equality important like other advertise network.

5 Not finding right audience

This is the biggest reason of blog failure. You can’t earn money if you don’t target right audience. You can’t sell mirrors in blind people’s town. You can’t make buffalo’s skin white by showering it. You can’t straighten dog’s tail straight by holding it straight for 100 years. Same exact way you can’t make your content famous by promoting it to those people who are not interested in it, or doesn’t have a basic knowledge of it.

You have to choose your audience smartly. For example if you are writing blogging related content, then you must promote your content at blogging discussion blogs, blogging related groups, other blogger content writer’s comment area blogging related YouTube video comment section etc…  places can be more ideal to get traffic from.

I am not saying that you should not promote your content at non related groups or people, and websites, but if you promote your art content at related platforms and people then you can gain more traffic for your blog.

You must understand that, ghost stories reader won’t open your tech tips link. Health content website visitor won’t open your internet trick article link. Because people searches and surf website with some mind set. So the bottom-line is that you can gain more visitors by choosing right promoting places.

6 having less confidence and patience

You can’t earn money overnight with blogging. It takes time and efforts. You must have to stay calm and cool. Working tirelessly is the key to achieve success in blogging field. Don’t examine your earning page every day, just fall in love with blogging & sharing to all, you will see that, everything will follow after you, money, fame, name etc. remember, sometime lock gets open with last key. Stay positive and never lose hope. – Good Luck.


Blogger can start earn money after creating 10 quality posts and some blogger not earning even after posting 100 of article posts. Here it proves that how things works, Eunice content and quality content is the key. Then marketing and promoting comes in the picture. So it is highly advice to concentrate on content first. Then look for SEO, promoting and marketing things.

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