Window Copy Is Not Genuine Problem solved

Many people face Window Copy is Not Genuine error while using Window Operating System software. This tiny error can be solved very easily. This irritating error Blows up your computer screen wallpaper, and displays popup message “active your window copy” or Buy new Genuine Window copy. Mostly this error occurs in Window 7 Operating system. It shows something like this at the bottom left area of your computer screen…  “Windows 7 Build 7600 This Copy Of Window Is Not Genuine”.   So let’s shoot the process without adding extra footage of words here…

Window Copy Is Not Genuine Problem solved

Why Do I Need to fix Window Copy is Not Genuine Error  Quickly

  • This error drains Your Laptop Battery very fast.
  • Small Text Notification “Window 7 Build 7600 This Copy Of Window Is Not Genuine”. Will always irritate you in front of your eyes.
  • You can’t Update or Change any fancy wallpaper for your Computer screen. It sticks to the Black screen.
  • Whenever you start or restart the computer system, your system will be stuck/hang sometimes with the popup message of “Window 7 Build 7600 This Copy Of Window Is Not Genuine”
  • This small but critical error is capable of restricting some useful fetchers of your system.
  • This error can slow down your Computer system.
  • Whenever you capture or take Screenshot, this Ugly error called “Windows 7 Build 7600 This Copy Of Window Is Not Genuine” travels with it.
  • There is much other similar error can be found on windows OS like Windows Copy is not Genuine Vista. Window Copy, not Genuine 7601, Windows copy is not Genuine 6002, This Computer is not Running Genuine Windows Etc…



How to Fix Window Copy is Not Genuine Error



First of all open “Start” Manu. And search for “CMD” (Means Type In CMD). This is the short word of Command prompt. So now place the cursor on Command Prompt and just hit the right click. Now click on the “Run as an administrator” .



After opening Command prompt as an admin, you have to type in, SLMGR –REARM and then Just Hit the enter button. 

Note- this trick only will work if you are operating as an administrator, and make sure that you are typing this SLMGR –REARM command in capital letters.



Instantly you will receive a popup massage saying that your command executed successfully. You can restart your computer system.

Note- For any reason, if SLMGR –REARM Command doesn’t work, then you should try SLMGR / REARM .



Now you have to restart your computer system, in order to take Effect New settings.


Window Copy is Not Genuine 


Extremely Important Point regarding Window Copy is Not Genuine Error

This troubleshooting method has limited attempt to solve this, Window Copy is Not Genuine Error. After that you may face problem-solving this error, or it will disallow to repair it. If you face that kind of trouble then here is the perfect solution for you.  Read below process carefully, it will solve your issue.


The maximum allowed number of rearms has been exceeded.



Just open “Start” menu and search for CMD. Open your Command Prompt as an “administrator”.



Now Type in     Regedit.exe


Step -3

Now you need to follow this path in your registry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE  ->  Software  ->  Microsoft  ->  WindowsNT  ->  Current version  ->  SoftwareProtectionPlatform.



After opening successfully this above root, you have to search for   SkipRearm


Step- 5   

Now you have to modify SkipRearm . Just click on Modify and make a change in a value of it. It will show 0 value. You have to change its value to 1.


Step –6

Now just save all changes & Make an exit from Registry and restart your Computer system, so changes can take Effect.     (End process)



Still Facing Problem??? – Just Re-pair these Issues and retry again.


  1. See again where there you are operating this task as a System administrator or not.
  2. Make sure that you have left one space in “SLMGR –REARM” word between (before dash) –.
  3. Go to your Windows Folder -> System 32 -> and now look for vbs.REMOVEWAT now just rename this file to slmgr.vbs.  
  4. After going through above mention 3 issues. You should repeat the complete process again of Window Copy is Not Genuine Error



Some alternative solutions for fixing Window Copy is Not Genuine Error



Another method for fixing Window Copy is Not Genuine Error  

You also can remove Window Copy is Not Genuine Error issue by the ROSP method. Follow below steps to use this technique.


You need to press Windows Key + R (Both key at the same time) from your Keyboard. The small dialog box “Run” will appear in front of your screen.



Now just type in rosp.msc and press the enter Key.



Then after just open / follow the above mention path.  

Windows Settings -> Security Settings -> System Services.

After that, you have to search for Plug and Play Services.



Just make a right click on it, and just look for startup & make a click on “Automatic”



Then after just press Window key + R from the Keyboard again. It will open run dialog box. Now just paste the Command     gpupdate /force



Finally, press enter and Restart your computer system – this will remove demon error called Window Copy is Not Genuine forever, from your Computer system.


Another method for fixing Window Copy is Not Genuine Error  

Window Copy is Not Genuine repair

Go to your computer’s control panel and click on “System & security”, Then after click on “Windows Update”. Now you need to open “View Installed Update”. Then after you have to find Update for Microsoft Windows KB971033”


Make a right click on it, and just uninstall it. (Anyhow uninstall this update). As soon as you uninstall it, it will show a success popup massage. Just click yes. And Restart your computer system. – That’s all- you are done.



Using a pirated Window copy is a criminal activity. If you don’t have Genuine Window Copy then you must purchase a licensed window copy. If you wish to be safe form Window Copy is Not Genuine error then You should disable auto update of windows (windows update) & also do not perform it  manually. (avoid auto-update of window).

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